Had it rough lately

Not sure if I ever mentioned it here specifically or not, but I’ve been doing trauma therapy for the majority of the past 2-3 months every week with some other stuff mixed in. I’ve been having a lot of dissociation/flashbacks/losing time since then. The voices have been pretty calm, but have been seeing things a lot. Since all of this has been going on haven’t really stopped by the forum much. The depression has been coming and going affecting my motivation to do things. I had to quit that job I got roughly 5 weeks ago because of the dissociative symptoms. I feel defeated and keep wondering if I’m ever going to overcome these struggles. I’d do anything for a hug from someone right now…

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Sorry you’re having it so rough. Would you consider going back on Clozapine? You said you were doing ok on that.


Sounds like things are pretty tough right now. Sorry to hear that. I think @everhopeful has a good idea about the clozapine. Maybe you should give it a try. Hope you get some peace soon.


@everhopeful When I met with the new psychiatrist last week he didn’t want to change any of my meds then. I did talk to him about the Clozaril, but he said he wanted to check a couple different things first. He didn’t say specifically what though other than maybe getting some genetic testing done to see if my meds are metabolizing correctly.

Thank you @disciple.


I hope things turn around for you soon. Keep fighting.

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here’s a big hug from an old lady probably old enough to be your grandmother.:slightly_smiling_face:

Hope things get stabilized for you soon.

Hugs :hugs:
Have strength and you’ll get through it
There will be light at the end of the tunnel

Keep on holding on.

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