Still fighting

I had the horrible thought of my bf finding me dead. I’m crying because I know I won’t do it. I’m going to be ok.

I’m not going back. If they send me to Georgetown I’d be ok with it. But for now it’s gonna be alright

Can you contact your doctor without going to the psych ward?
You need a medication adjustment badly @roxanna.
Don’t allow it to get worse.

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Roxanna, you really seem to go through sheer hell at times, I think you must be one hell of a brave lady to keep going when you have so much crap to deal with. Honestly I admire you for the way you keep fighting. I truly hope that you can get the right combo of meds soon to bring some balance into your life. But if it ever feels too much there is no shame or weakness in going to the hospital for some help, if anyone deserves a break it’s you.


I just got out from crisis Monday. They upped my latuda 60mg


Am I having intrusive thoughts?

I hope you feel better @roxanna! Hang in there, and get med adjustment. I suffer from intrusive thoughts. I have some kind voices too and also some vile ones.

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Thanks. I will.

Stick by latuda.

Have you considered Clozapine or has that ever been suggested to you by a doctor?

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I refuse. To take it. I’m fine with my meds for now.

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