I don’t have sz but I have psychosis

I talked to a experienced psychiatrist few days ago

He said my case is unlikely to be SZ because I don’t have bizarre delusions


Time will tell. It took years before my diagnosis changed from psychosis to schizophrenia.

You’re still young. It might take a while.

In the meantime work with your treatment team for the best possible outcome.


I saw a complementary psychiatrist to have an alternative opinion. And she told me when I told her about my mild psychosis, that ‘‘schizophrenia and psychosis are the same thing’’. I think she was wrong, I really don’t know, there is still a lot to clarify about this disorder.

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For the diagnostic criteria you need to have psychosis for several months. The exact length depends on whether they use ICD or DSM as their diagnostical system.

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The psychiatrist said that my case is likely to be ASD related psychosis

Hey @Crystal-Cotton you can call it however you want, but it doesn’t change what you need to do…


I agree. I don’t focus on my diagnosis but on my symptoms: voices, depression and anxiety

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I will take meds and comply with treatment


I was still dxd initially with sz and then sza even without bizarre delusions … though I’m not an expert so I can’t say what you have

I lost the plot when I was teenage. Went through severe trauma, delusions, hallucinations, catatonia, mania and mental breakdowns. I was diagnosed for various different illness at different times according to the symptoms at that point of time. I did not maintain proper case history or medication journal. Neither did my family care about it or wanted to take care of it.

But in between I was able to work and be with friends and do some activities which saves my life now. I was in denial of the illness and treatment for long time. All I can say is I could not listen to anyone those times due to which the symptoms kept coming back and now I am able to listen to some advices and live through it otherwise it may happen again.

Being in the state of acceptance and recovery is good and hope it goes well for you.


I had the label of paranoid psychosis for years, with bpd.

Its all the same to me - im still taking the same drugs.


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