Is your diagnosis debatable?

I was originally diagnosed SzA no type specified. In 2008 I came out of the psychiatric hospital with a diagnosis of Paranoid Sz. I really think the first diagnosis is correct and think I’m Depressive type, as it seems I constantly need an antidepressant. Maybe it really doesn’t matter though.


Psych hospitals aren’t accurate unless you were there for a while really. They just diagnose on the current episode which is unreliable.


I was in there for a month, but that’s the diagnosis my current pdoc has. I talked to the pdoc who diagnosed SzA maybe for a couple of years.

Paranoid Schizophrenia - It took me a long time to accept, but after several attempts to come off medication, I can confirm I agree with the doctors

Generalised Anxiety Disorder - My anxiety was crippling, and it only came through after my psychosis was treated. Clearly it was always there, but the psychosis masked it somewhat

Autistic Spectrum Condition - Took me three months after diagnosis at age 32 to accept this one. I de-constructed absolutely everything I could physically remember about my social interactions, and constantly compared it to the profile I was given to sense check it. I confirm this to be the case, but angered it was not dealt with when it mattered - as a school child…

Depression - Yeah, no. I disagree with this diagnosis

I am currently sacking the community mental health team. This is the state run mental health service for idiots like me to have to cope with, and I am sick of it

Get a disability benefit called PIP which is £333 a month

My plan is to save it, and pay for a private psychiatrist.

Currently if I have a compliant about my mental health, between me reporting it and something being done about it is averaging 6-8 weeks, which to me is not right

I think if I am paying, this won’t be the case. I will find out and report back here when I do

You have a lot of diagnoses. I really didn’t think anything was wrong with me and didn’t want to take meds at first. I started accepting it after I got in trouble with the law.

I know! It has got a bit silly now

My med box used to have 2 meds a day, then it went to 8, and now I am down to 3

The depression I do not take any meds for

I hate the fact the pdoc just added it to the list without telling me

Flipped out when I got the letter in the post with that on there

My depression is temporary and situational. I do not have a chemical imbalance that is constant

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Ever since 2008 I’ve been on antidepressants. Everytime I tried stopping them I’ve gotten suicidal.

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I am pretty much always suicidal.

I want to kill myself very much so, but unfortunately I have not got the guts

There was a botched attempt last year, but I need enough mental distress to build up to do it again

If I lived in the US and had a gun, we wouldn’t be talking right now

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I’ve thought about buying a gun, but I don’t know how to shoot or load it. My mom had a gun though. I even looked up a gun store that’s on a bus stop.

The funny thing is if I were freshly diagnosed with no history right now I don’t think they’d diagnose me with schizophrenia or schizoaffective. However I definitely displayed the full range of symptoms for schizoaffective from around 2014-2017, and it’s considered a life long illness, so I still think it’s appropriate.

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I went to Army Cadets when I was young. Think I could work my way round a weapon pretty quickly.

Won a few marksman medals during that time


Thanks agent101g.

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I’m diagnosed as paranoid SZ and also diagnosed as depressed. I don’t seem to have manic episodes. Have to take APs and ADs. I don’t worry about the label so much as treating the symptoms well enough to function properly.

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When I switched to Abilify last summer, my pdoc started me on 5mg. I got psychotic and delusional on only 5mg. We went up to 10, and I hallucinated a little and was paranoid. At 15mg I doing well. So I still seem to be Sz/SzA.

Oh that reminds me, if I went off my meds I could easily get symptoms again, so I guess I probably would be diagnosed with the same illness.

I take them so regularly I forget how much I rely on them I guess!

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I don’t seem to have mania either.

Wow. That’s quite a long time.

We lose our gun rights in the US if we are too mentally ill (as documented by the state).

My label of schizoaffective has been true for several years now; I feel it’s correct.


I’ve received 4 different diagnoses.

  1. Paranoid Schizophrenia (Majority opinion)
  2. Schizoaffective Disorder
  3. Psychotic Depression
  4. Psychosis
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Thanks Headspark

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I stopped caring about the label a long time ago. What matters to me now is that the meds work.

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