I don’t get Facebook?

My Dad recently signed up for Facebook.
My entire extended family is on it, gossiping and sharing shallow posts.

I would never join Facebook.

I’m not about to spill my life to the world!

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You only share what you want to share. It’s there for when you feel like opening up.


So shallow!
Not for me… nope!

I don’t get it either. I don’t like it. I have one. I just check in and post my thoughts on there just like here. I got 6 friends; 5 family and 1 family friend.


It seems to me that Facebook is a site comprised of Narcissists

It’s just like a highlight reel. People want approval for the things they do. I am ok with this.

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Some of the stuff that is said on there is mind numbing.

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I don’t share my life on FB and have no issues with FB. I had 800 friends before my SZ, now 150. I am in video gaming groups and share posts. I comment on tech posts and argue with ppl. I mostly use fb messenger to talk to friends, video calls sometimes. I never tried fb dating and don’t like dating online.

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I think instagram is worse. I like Twitter though. Narcissists are everywhere.


I am on Facebook.

I have three profiles.

I locked myself out of two so I have no assess to them.

I am a member of vegan foodie groups on Facebook and Few other things.

I like browsing posts.

I don’t have that many friends compared to others but my friends are mainly my family.

I have posted things on my profile.
Vegan memes mainly and some pictures of me and my boyfriend and some others.

I guess you might get shallow things on Facebook such as they advertise lots of things such as they advertised foundation and I bought it.

It’s cruelty free vegan and good though and I’m happy with it.
Was a good buy actually.

Now they are advertising hair filler wigs and I’m thinking of buying it.

Aren’t I the sucker.

I’m suprised at how many friends my friends have compared to me.

Wish I could get in to my old profiles but I locked myself out of those emails and nolonger have those emails.

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I have a great FB network. Of course, most are people I consider close friends. They’re real in what they post and even help each other out when it’s needed.

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Maybe it’s just my family, I don’t know.

I don’t like facebook at all. Just a bunch of fair weather friends mostly. “If you can’t take me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.”

Thats the way I feel about it.


I mostly have Facebook so my homophobic relatives who refuse to talk to me but still have me on FB for some reason can see how great I am doing without them.


I use Facebook. I keep track of extended family. I like to see all the photos of vacations and holidays and gatherings and whatnot. I like to keep track of whose been sick and whose graduated. I like to see all the ins and outs of peoples day to day lives. It helps me keep in touch without having to talk to anyone. I like it a lot. It’s very helpful for me. Plus I play games on there all the time and I visit many pages for recipes and helpful household ideas and whatnot. Facebook is pure genius.

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I’m on face book. But not very many people want to be my friend. My dads family is on there but I never talk to them. My dad passed away in september 2019. Very few said anything to me and I was harassed by an uncle, my brother and his friend that he treats like crap. So I didnt go to the funeral. I havent spoken to my mom in almost year

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I’m sorry @cbbrown

I only use it to look up local Yu-Gi-Oh! Pokemon and warhammer events.

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I have 5000 friends on Facebook


I use facebook to interact with family members and friends who don’t live in my area.
I don’t post often, but I do like to scroll thrugh the news feed and see what everyone is up to.
I’ve set my privacy settings so you have to be friends with me to see my activity.

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