I’m losing faith in humankind

Social media sites like Facebook tell me everything I need to know.

Really sad.


Can you give us an example?

yeah, I hear ya. I’m not even all that pretty anymore, or maybe come across as free wheeling.
Well, I settle that right away. ha.
I can talk about issues though,
Like nothing else matters.

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If you don’t know I can’t help you.

I can think of many examples, but how would I know which particular example triggered this reaction on your part?

I realize its a means of communication and self expression but I would say 90 percent of the stuff on there is shallow dribble.

Its all about me.

I reckon it’s a place where narcissists like to hang out.

Who ■■■■■■■ cares.

I may or may not fall into that category.

I don’t know what people think, I’m more concerned about
the people who Don’t talk.

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Significant chunks of that humankind you’re losing your faith in have already deserted Facebook, or put order by selecting their friends more carefully. You’re not helpless when it comes to shaping the quality of your online experience.


I don’t know maybe it’s just my family.

My father has an account there, sometimes I’ll visit for him.

I joined for one day and quickly deleted my account.

it’s weird for me when I find a comment from someone on another post who had unfriended me.
ha, seems favor is given against what is expected.


good morning from kansas, way to much news of anykind can act on you i know. and iam not on face book. i get stuff on my phone waking me all times of the night, seam like they are shoving it my way.

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Good morning @DrZen!

My experience on Facebook has been mostly very positive. I’ve met my share of asssholes but also plenty of wonderful people and made some real in the flesh friends. I also use fb to keep in touch with family and old friends or to engage with topics of personal interest through fb groups. The resources are certainly there for those who care to use them.


ohhh, they might stalk me, or look me up, but rarely friends.

I take my chances on complete strangers.

Glad you have that, though.

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I’m glad you find Facebook a positive experience for you @NotSeksoEmpirico.

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I think it’s a good place for families and friends to keep in touch but some people I know use it to show off.


I lost my faith in Humankind a long time ago, not all of them but the majority it seems,

I like facebook though bc i can share my shows and pictures i’ve taken, i can show people a little bit about me, my likes and interests and also have an opinion on certain topics, not everyone agrees with my views and some people can be very rude if not hurtful, i try and give as good as i get in that regard. I wouldn’t call myself a Narcissist though


Just seeing what’s going on in this country and around the world I’m losing hope in humanity.

How can people be so ■■■■■■■ ignorant!
And the selfishness, it’s beyond me.

I honestly feel that things are getting worse.

We are more divided than ever.

I’m not going to get too much into politics, but I think one reason things seem so shallow on facebook is because a large percentage of the country is facing depression, anxiety, and PTSD. People who have never had a mental illness before are just traumatized by the pandemic, and trying to cope in very predictable ways. Overexaggerating how perfect everything is in their lives so they don’t get accused of being ungrateful or whatever. There is a lot of shame attached to admitting you need help, and most people need help right now. So to deflect from the shame of needing help, they throw up these shields of how great and perfect their lives are, or get overzealous about specific issues they can use as a scapegoat for their troubles. It is all just people hurting, and not having the skills to ask for real help.


I think you are on to something @Ninjastar but people were shallow before the pandemic hit.

But yeah maybe it’s worse right now because of all this isolation.