I do have some problem and sometimes I feel down

I have problems,like side effects from meds,some social awkwardness and sometimes I feel down because of being too free lol.Regardless of all these bad moments and stuff I can see the improvement I had made these past 2 year,I really hope I can continue to improve and try to maintain the improvement I had made.When my life is on the downslope,I hope I can have the resilience to climb back up and not crack under pressure.

Everyone in this world has problems of their own,people with mental illness deals with more than the average person.I hope everyone here would keep going even when tough moments in life comes by


Well, you’re living your life. That’s the goal isn’t it?

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Hey @77nick77 :smile: all of us are,I believe you too!How are you doing recently?Your illness still manageable?

Oh, I don’t want to depress anyone. I’m having back problems which are making it hard to work.

Oh,hope you go see doctor or do something about it…physical illness can be troublesome too

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