Feeling down right now and it is awful

I was so high with feeling good and healthy and happy. and then it happened. I landed. so low.

I don’t have comorbidity of bi-polar or anything but this up and down roller coaster isn’t for me, at all.


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sorry judy, i know it is hard when we feel like that :frowning:

i hope you feel better soon

keep on trucking x

Hay are you Judy from long time ago and daydreamer from long time ago, before the website changed. Wow seeing your post makes me feel like I’m at home. God Bless you both.

Judy I’m sorry you got pain. I’m going through some stuff but I can get through it nothing bad. I just feel I can’t talk about whats bothering me. Like its some sort of tabu

Just sit back, take it easy, it will pass, and if you can keep posting here on the site…we know what youre going through and we’re here to support you.

sorry you are feeling down, from experience things will pick up for you/get better.
take care

was just saying to my boyfrien today why cant i be in the middle for a bit!
i can totally relte to hat youe saying dont worry it will o away again then come back then go away again repeat tc of yourselfx

How long have things come + gone like this? Maybe a mood stabilizer would be helpful.

Hope you feel better soon. :smile:

c’mon judy…keep on truckin, like dreamer says. u can do this. we’re all here for u. maybe go back to ur pdoc and ask for a mood stabiliser? or an anti depressant? let us know what happens. always ur friend, jayne xxx

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I’m sorry to hear that. Maybe you will feel better tomorrow, there’s always hope that tomorrow will be your day. Thats what I tell myself when I feel like that, it doesnt happen all that often to me anymore, but I can relate to feeling very blue.

I haven’t felt depressed since I got my meds worked out. It could take some time and trial and error. But you shouldn’t have to get depressed.

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Yea I agree,but I still get depress for like once a week,everyone does right?correct me if I am wrong

I don’t get depressed as long as I take my meds right. I feel a little artificial, but I don’t suffer.

thanks for all your helpful replies and support. i am here for you too just like you’re here for me.

i am feeling rather in the middle right now which is a good thing. not elated not depressed.

it’s good to feel alive at least.

love you, judy

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glad your feeling better:) sending love.