I dislike my boss

I mean my main boss. He is really passive agressive, he finds a way to bully me. He knows that I am sz, its the only reason I got to be a barista because my paycheck gets 60% subsidized by the government, so he has to pay less than a half on me. I also wanted to earn some extra cash, so I started private business to helo people with their pc software problems. One day I was called in by my boss and was threatened to be fired because of the business i started, my workplace was stopped to be subsidized, so had to quit sidr job. Also one time i called him “director” as a pronoun, and he jokes everytime about it when I make coffee to him. Also one time he brought up a rope into work and asked to untie it because I “practised it”. What he meant by that is i told my coworker about my suicidr attempt, and my boss found a way to out salt on a wound. Also when I was hospitalized, he talked to my mom and said that I wont be working as a barista, so I could do minor work on a pc. But as turns out, after hospitalization I was put back on washing dishes as it was nice chit chat not make me to quit. I am really thinking of quitting…


I had horrible bosses sucks

Sounds like your boss is a grade A ■■■■■■■ I imagine you could make his life a living hell if you spoke up about some of his actions. He’s just being a dick.

If this business has an HR department please report this. This is absolutely harassment. Lots of larger companies have anonymous hotlines you can call. I am so sorry you are going through this. No one should have to work in an environment like that. Start writing down these incidents.

If it has no form of an HR department, then I would highly suggest seeking a new job out at a place that will treat you as a human. Then quit the barista job. If you depend on your paycheck to live, I would suggest solidifying the new job before quitting. So that you minimize the wait time between paychecks. Only do it in this order, if you’re able to stay healthy being there while you look for another job though.

Your boss is an a—wipe. No job is worth your mental health. You deserve better.

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If there is a place to report and you feel safe doing so, I cannot stress enough to report it to whoever will listen.

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