My employer is bullying me

Today towards an end of the work, my boss was about to leave when cafe’s area closing rope somehow split and out of nowhere my boss came to be and said “you know how to untie a slipknot because I know you practised it before”. He was aiming at insulting me at my suicidal ideation and my suicide attempts. He often doesbit randomly about anything, one timę i called him a director and not mister x and then he joked meaningfully for a long time. He triggers my SZ and the worst part he knows im SZ, he employed because he gets subsidies from a government. I am at a tipping point of quitting. Any ideas ?

If he has a boss you should report him. If he’s everyone’s boss then idk.


He is the owner of the company, he runs a family business, su i cant even discuss my problems with my coworkers as i work with his son and his sons wife. Im kinda trapped

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What country are you in? If you live in the United States you can call the Better Business Bureau.

Do you have a caseworker? You can report him to the agency he gets a subsidy from. He is discriminating against you and should be held accountable.


Wouldn’t hurt to also get some coworkers as witnesses when he says this stuff.

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Yeah. That’s good. I never thought of that

Maybe look for another job

If you got the job through an agency like I did, you can report him to the agency.

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If i reported him he would just simply fire me or harass even more until i would decide to quit. My coworkers wont support me as they are his family members and will likely defend him

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Find another job. Here we have agencies that find work for the mentally ill and disabled. They pay part of your salary to the employer.

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Maybe look for another job if you can’t report him.

I live in a small town, there are barely any decent jobs. There is a fish factory over here, where working conditions even worse. Because of this practical joke from a boss today I almost had a panic attack

Yeah. I understand that. I used to live in a place with very few job options

You are reading too much into this…I don’t know what a slipknot is but I imagine it is something you do at a cafe. You are paranoid which is why you are thinking the way you are. The fact he employed you shows he cares about employing disabled people. Do you honestly think that normal people have an obligation to hire disabled people?


Yeah I think your reading too much into it. Maybe he thought you actually knew how to tie a slipknot for work reasons.

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I knew he probably knew that i tried suicide by hanging, I told my coworker probably when I was turning paychotic. And slipknot is a knot that you make to hang yourself, it doesnt have much anybother purpose. There were 2 more coworkers close to him and he insisted my to untie it. The fact i freaked out has to say something still, I was fine until he did that

Your saying probably. But if you don’t know 100% that you told him then you might just be overthinking it