Something funny

So this dude at work has been attempting to bully me and calling me a weirdo for a couple of days.

Doesn’t write his log, just gets high and yells and calls over the ladies on the street. Don’t pay or give anything. Harassing them.

He talks poorly to the residents of the shelter talk sexually explicit things, that I am embarrassed about, because people may associate me also with these gross remarks.

Yesterday he screams out “ you look like a lady”
So I was like “yeah, but I ain’t. What are you going to do about it if I was?”
“I will ■■■■ your pu**y”

Don’t do anything at the shelter and makes up things that didn’t happen. Honestly I think he’s mentally un healthy and experiencing psychosis. But I’m at work, and I don’t want people to think I think the way he does.

So I contacted the Management. After he cries and calls me a weirdo and went back home.

I texted the shelter and the temporary staffing agency I work for.

Am I too much?

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What was funny about it? Abuse isn’t funny. That was click bait.


This guy at my old liquor store where I was a clerk thought he was pretty funny too. It was really unfortunate when I played a strong role in getting his hours cut so it eventually forced him to quit. Things were way better afterwards.

Don’t be a dick to Skunks.

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I’m sorry I had no intention to jest…
it’s more like annoying

Yeah… I mean you can’t be ratchet at work… people always try to be and relate with me like that, but then I don’t want that kind of projection at work, because I’m not his friend, just a fellow temp worker tbh

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You don’t have to take it. Let HR do the dirty work.

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