Boss thinks I have exploited him :<

Sorry guys, my cognition is ■■■■■■ so I’ll write my thoughts down here to get em all sorted out, and I’ll appreciate your advises and opinions on the matter.

I’ve tried to work as a part time cashier/waiter/maintenance worker ,same job many responsibilities, technically a restaurant/coffee shop and a mini-market which the owner likes to call “mall”.
I’m not sure if I’m fired…
The boss is one emotional overgrown baby, because he is bald and has a babyface and well, he acts childishly. He now accuses me of exploiting his business to get free money.
I suffer from neg symptoms and I take AP so I’m not that efficient, and I made him doubt me when we had talked, so he put me under surveillance and kept an extra worker to put an eye on me.
For me that was great because I didn’t have to work that hard and I had people to talk to. I had worked this way for a month.
Now I have this exam in Calculus in a week, so I told him I prefer to work 2 shifts a week max until I finish the exam, he haven’t replied for a week and I had no work during last week.
Its a really weird situation, I’m not sure what to do. His last message was ambiguous, he might have hinted that I’m fired when he replied with “What’s funny? Not everything will go as you have planned” in a very broken language, that might be interpreted differently, for “lol it’s all good, next week I’ll continue as usual”.
My last reply was “Everyone has his own considerations, I haven’t came here to exploit anybody” which may sound almost stupid if I hadn’t took in count that I’ve trained an exceptionally productive and willing worker in the last week I have worked. She (this worker) might just have taken my place and done overall better job and the boss is satisfied with her.
I suspect that he doesn’t really needs me there so this gives him a reason to talk with me in an aggressive manner even after he had invested so much resources in me (paid some extra days of double salary to train me).

I think my options are:
-> sacrifice pride but keep the job with “I’m sorry I hurt your feelings please let me work”
-> neglect him this week, he may need workers and people are leaving, it might sort itself out
-> Question him about the real state of the business right now, to know if I’m needed, and tell that I am willing to work if I am, although it is a bit risky for him because he might give away information that will give me to much power to decide things (he is really stressed about losing money).
-> explain peacefully/ manipulate by telling him that he had invested a lot of resources in me and promise that it will pay off (probably a bluff, although I’ll do try to do what I can without getting stressed)

Ohh ■■■■, I may have exploited him unintentionally…
I am bad at being human :zipper_mouth_face:
I don’t really want to work there anyway… he is bullying his employees except those who answer him back or prove their value. I’ve always answered back with the best lines my witness could arrange. I think he hates me
Bottom line… I think I’m ok with being unemployed again…


Can an admin delete this crap please? I’ve done thinking and I am thankful for this platform for this experience but this post adds nothing to the forum and I prefer it to be gone (if it’s possible).
Or I guess we can just leave it here and wait until it fades naturally :expressionless:

How badly do you need this job? I once had a manager like that, and I couldn’t handle working for him. He was just too aggressive. But if you need the job, you need the job.

The responsible approach would probably be to try to make up with your boss, and in the meantime start applying to other jobs.

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I am not too stressed about losing the job, I was very stressed working there and trying to function normally.
The main reason I kept on going there was to socialize, because without the job I’m completely isolated and that is my main problem.
Here in Israel we will soon get an increase in the amount of dem shekels that disability checks give.
In the short term I am self sufficient enough to live on a bit less than 1000$, in the long term, and the worst case, I’ll get a bit more money without the need to work and would accumulate some cash for stuff I need to replace.

You are right, but I am afraid that this move will show him that he can be more abusive towards me because I have no other choice. My fears naturally lead me to ignore him until next week, to a time when it will be too late to change the decisions that will be made, then again it might turn out in my favor.

The other thing that frightens me is that he will refuse to give me the salary check for the month I have worked, I hope I won’t need to consult a lawyer for that matter…

I would talk to your boss in a kind way about your willingness to work. Having you work for him isn’t taking advantage of you, it’s what you’re there for. But if he says you’re fired, then just let it go peacefully. If he doesn’t pay you for work you did then you need a lawyer.


I am childish in my own way, I like to be covered from all the directions.
In reality I’m not risking anything important this way, just giving him a good ground to reject me.
This is why I have included an option in which I get the higher ground before telling about my willingness
(“Question him about the real state of the business right now, to know if I’m needed …”) as you said, on the worst case I’ll get officially fired in an unpleasant way, and I have already accepted this scenario on myself so it shouldn’t be a problem.
But a part of me still insists to “cheese” it if I can, and try to learn about his position before I make a move.
Maybe speaking in a kind way will improve something in this strange relationship… I think it’s a good tip