I can't stop eating sweets


THey are overtaking my life

When I was trying to stop, I quit cold turkey. Sugar is addictive. Once I got it all out of my system, I stopped craving it as much. Now, I allow myself one small, sugary treat every day, and no more.


You will get the same effect from raisins. I think.


at least use fruit. they have benificial vitamins, minerals, fiber.

if your going to gobble stuff down at least get something out of it besides sugar.


Ok listen, you’re going to have to snap out of this! No more sugar. Put your foot down. It’s a bad rollercoaster. It makes you feel bad. Don’t you want to feel better? You’re a good person and you deserve to feel good. Be a good friend to yourself and just say no to the sweets. Ok?


I want sweets alot too…but my common sence is telling me to stop after two or three servings. Body needs sugar…but i dont wanna overdo it.

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I crave sweets too. I’m also an alcoholic. Alcohol is a form of sugar. I used to consume prodigious quantities of both. I’ve cut out the alcohol. It’s been a year since I drank. Consuming sugar is probably just as bad for my health, but sugar doesn’t get me thrown in jail.

Try to keep sweets out of your reach.

I also have a sweet tooth although I have diabetes 2. I gained a lot of weight and got diabetes from Zyprexa. You should have your blood glucose levels tested. If you have diabetes you also get cravings for sugar.

I like my sweets too so I keep a bag of bite sized candies in the pantry

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Me too :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::blush:

Massive sweet tooth.

My boyfriend locked all our cakes in a container and put it in the freezer so I can not eat them.

He hid my salt liquorice too but I found them in hiding place


I have not told him I know where they are.

Sucking a sugar free mint

Brushing teeth might help

Try weight watchers bars
They are sweet n less calories and can be bought in supermarkets or eBay or their home page.

I still eT sweets and am bad but I am not as bad as I could of been :hushed::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::blush:

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I drink apple juice instead or eat a fruit because fruits have natural sugars in them that still quench my sweet tooth. Pineapple is amazing and strawberries. They are sweet and not completely unhealthy. My advice is to buy some fruit u like and when u get a craving eat the fruit instead. Ur body will thank u and so will ur mind


A diet that can help you a lot is the keto one. I’m on this diet for more than one month and I have no more sugar cravings and I’m losing some pounds.

I’m diabetic type 2, but still have sweets all the time. I just take my health meds and don’t worry about it. Every time I see my doc, she says I’m fine lol.

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Yeah, this is my problem also :frowning_face:

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