I try to stop sugar use

I have decided to stop using sugar, I hope this helps me to lose some weight. Basically this means that I do not eat or drink anything that has sugar in it.

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You will probably have really bad cravings to work through if you are sugar addicted like I’ve been. The main thing is to read all the labels carefully. (sometimes an item will say zero grams of sugar but include sugar in the ingredients because it has so many servings they can negate labeling it as sugar since there’s such a “small amount in every serving”) and to make sure sugary products don’t make it home. Once it’s there you probably won’t be able to resist it unless you put it in the garbage can… Be careful of the labeling because artificial sugar is basically bad too. If it looks or tastes sweet don’t touch it. Also limit your fruit amount too and if you eat bread go for rye bread. They load up all the rest. Even the whole grain bread is not safe. Good luck man because going off of it is like going off of a drug.

I’m terrible about sweets and sugar. I always have been. I’m drinking sweet tea right now.

Giving up sugar maybe more complicated than I thought, I just checked my orange juice and guess what ? it has sugar too, I suppose I need to start with obvious ones such as candies, soft/energy drinks, cakes etc., but I understand this can be a little difficult.

Well, you might want to try a sugar substitute. I think the jury’s still out on whether it is really harmful or not, I have never heard of anyone dying from consuming artificial sweeteners or sugar substitute, but it’s your own personal decision if you want to risk it or not. Yeah, definitely check food labels. You would be amazed at what products contains sugar that you wouldn’t suspect. The one that comes to mind is ketch-up. Most fruit juices are high in sugar.

Me too, me too! There is sugar in everything , these days.

I eat as much sugar as I’m allowed to on my diabetic diet, which isn’t much. It tastes good.