I can't stay awake at school

I just started school, and my body is not adjusting well.
I keep nodding off in school and falling asleep, every time I blink my eyes, there’s a risk of them staying closed.

It’s frustrating, because I do want to learn, and I do want to pay attention, but I can’t. I haven’t slept well this week, and I’m wondering if that’s why, but last time I was in school, I had the same problem.

More or less every day, despite chugging coffee, I’d nod off, or even end up going home early because struggling to stay awake when I can’t is torture. And the coffee would stay in my system for so long that it would affect my sleep at night, making me even more tired the next day!

I try to use my breaks to take walks in the cold, and I try to stand up when I feel myself starting to nod off, but it doesn’t help for very long.

Any ideas on what I can do to improve my energy levels during the day, without it affecting my night-sleep?

I have a problem of nodding off at work.

I’m on a new regime that’s working.

I take two caffeine pills with my morning meds, tw more at lunch and I drink coffee.

At night I take an otc sleeping pill.

I’m ordering L theanine soon so I won’t need the sleeping pill.

There’s lots of herbal sleeping pills you can get with valerian in them but I don’t know how they react with ap’s.

Good luck at uni.

Try group studying if you can’t focus well in class. There must be at least one other student facing similar issues. Find them and set up some group sessions where you can motivate each other and keep each other awake :wink:

I have sympathy for you. Maybe you need to go to bed much earlier so that you can get enough sleep to sustain a clear minded and productive day.

I agree with the caffeine pills. Keep them on you.

Maybe switch to night classes or whatever time you are at your best. Not sure if you are in HS or college. Also talk to the counseling center, or whomever, to get someone to take notes for you. Or buy a recorder to record the lectures, or if your phone has this technology.

While I was in school I got a prescription for Modofinil, it worked wonderfully. I took it half an hour earlier than getting out of bed. I mean I would set an alarm to take the pill then fall back asleep then the next alarm would go off and I’d pop out of bed with lots of energy and not feel groggy or sleepy. Some on this website will tell you this drug may induce psychosis, it did not for me, everyone is different.

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