No motivation today

I did sleep great. And i woke up today with no motivation. I drew yesterday and it felt good. But today i just do not feel like doing anything. I hate days like this.


Do you drink coffee? Sometimes a cup of coffee gives me a boost of energy that enables me to at least do something. Nothing huge, and nothing requiring tons of energy, but something.

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Yes. I drink one or two cups in the morning. It didnt really do anything. I just feel kinda wiped out today. Some days are just like that. I end up on my phone all day.

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That’s ok. Just take care of yourself. Everyone has off days


On top of no motivation im feeling incredibly anxious. Today is a rough day.

I just dropped my class because I can’t concentrate.

Damn. That stinks. Is it your only class?

Yes it is. It sucks.

Thats a bummer. Im nervous about my classes that start in december. Ive been out of school so long and have a lot of trouble reading. Im worried that i wont do well.

I slept till 2:30pm this afternoon and woke up feeling depressed but later in the day after reading and eating it eased up

Wow. Thats pretty late. I wish i could sleep that long still. I cant sleep much past 8:30am. I go to bed at 7:30pm. So i get 12 hours of sleep. Usually im up at 4am or 7am.

You’re lucky, I wish I was a morning person but I’m not, I’m a night owl

I used to be a night owl. But once i started meds i sleep all night and wake up early. I miss being up at night honestly. Its so peaceful and fun to play video games late

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