I can't live anymore

I don’t really want to be alive either I don’t really see my life going anywhere and idk if I even have a chance to improve. I’m sorry you’re feeling this way too.

By taking meds, doing therapy and making meaningful use of your time…

I am sorry you are so down…like some here have said…don’t look too far in the future…no man knows what will happen…please try to live in the now, don’t worry about tomorrow…it will be here soon enough.

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It’s going to get easier… It sounds like you need balance in your life and to get some well earned respect!

Gotta find those aspects of life you appreciate for yourself and keep them protected in your mind as worthwhile and lovely.

Hate to see you struggling man. Almost anything can happen within a single decade to almost anyone… even recovery from psychosis mate!.. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen.

Keep your head up man!

I can’t live anymore.
I can’t live anymore.
I can’t live anymore.

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yes you can! It’s hard all the time, but you can do this. Take deep breaths and try to move forward. I care about you and your well being and hope that these thoughts leave your head soon.

Hi erez wass up…u are a good guy…take care…u have to live… sending huge hug on ur way from Nepal …

Chang in there. You can live. This too will pass. It will get better

I need to bide my time.
Hopefully within 5-10 years I will get used to the situation.


you can’t live with intrusive thoughts. what if you had positive & negative symptoms too? that would be really difficult. you are fine. glorify life as you do.

My bf friend sat right next to me andcalled me a skank. My bf yelled at,e. Don’t feel so good

If I can do it, so can you! Honestly, I have felt like I can’t go on so many times but God forbade me to end my life. At my age now I’d actually say that it’s worth it to stay here and see what happens. There’s good and bad and worse, and it’s worth it.

Don’t give up @Chess24 just hang on things often can change and even get better with time and effort. Are you seeing a therapist and psychiatrist? Have you tried different meds, vitamins, supplements, diet and such? I had given up hope for quite awhile there just figured things can’t get better so why try. Well I was wrong little changes can improve things for us. I hope you get some relief soon.

@Chess24 I hope you can get through this rough spell.

I feel like my situation is very bad.
Not only can’t I study in a yeshiva,
or alternatively, study torah independently all day,
not only am I not capable of doing this,
but I am fully dysfunctional in all aspects of life,
and I can’t exist at all.That’s the worst thing.
I feel like I can’t exist and I constantly tell my parents that I can’t live.

Hey. Dont give up! Your life can change. I have had horrible periods, didnt want to live anymore and thought this state would last forever. But after there were always better times when I was feeling more at ease with my life. I hope you can find the strength to come out of this bad feeling too. Wish you a lot of strength.

Can you get a tutor at home for your studies? That might enhance your life?

@finally I can’t occupy myself with anything in difficult moments, I can’t do anything.
If I could do something, it would put my mind off not being able to live,
but I can’t.
I feel better now, when I felt worse I could only lie on the bed,
only lying on the bed would help me pass the time.

I think an SSRI could potentially really help you

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If you find it difficult to study or read,

Why don’t you listen to the Torah on audio?

I know for fact there are a ton of Jewish study books on audio.

Would that be easier?