I am crying out for help!

I CAN"T live anymore!!
I CAN""T !!

Please call your doctor and ask for help with mood swings.


Why are you so desperate? Please come to your senses

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Have you tried breathing exercises?

How about positive affirmations?

The both really help in times of crisis.


Yes you can. You could say you don’t want to, that’s another story.

I agree with @ninjastar, you should talk to your doctor about these moodswings. It seems like every day you go from “life is good” to “life is terrible”.

Like I said in your other thread, don’t go looking for a quick fix just because things aren’t going your way right now. Change is a slow progress, so you have to be patient. Don’t panic just because you’re not feeling well at the moment, try to remember that it will pass.


Do you have any idea what may help?

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I wish I could help you more , but you may like to talk with your doc, talking helps always, it is good that you write here and do not keep these negative thoughts in your mind, sometimes we may want to find some purpose in our lives which might help to counter negative feelings. Just talk with people, it helps.

@chess24 I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, but please stop opening new threads on the same topic. Just keep posting on one of your existing threads.


Here’s a link to a recent existing thread

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