I can't handle logging in much

Sz paranoia, agoraphobia, severe anxiety in other words i have
I can’t handle this forum much it sends my head into a spin all the people and things written about different things
Sorry but i won’t be on here much


My mum and dad are shocked by how much i spend smoking a month
I can’t enjoy going out anywhere because agoraphobia so why not spend money smoking, i like smoking. I don’t go on posh vacations like the rest of my family do im pretty much a house hermit rarely going out. Its all i can deal with so i told them it. Haha :joy:

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Take care of yourself.



Hope you get to feeling better.

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I’m sorry you feel that way, hope you get better later.

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My mum has been super negative with me throughout my life, i think part reason is because im not into their social/ religious circle
It can be detrimental to my mental health as im already struggling like hell. Her comments always favour my siblings, really sucks and nothing but neutral or negative comments for me

I’m so sorry. That hurts. Can you get a therapist you see over telehealth? That way, you can get help from home

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You are lucky to have your family. If you need to get out and have agoraphobia you can always log in here?

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@CoCo no psychologist in my area.

I just spoke to my mum and asked her and she said she visits as much as she can, she says its all in my head and she loves me even when im a pain in the butt sometimes

@Jinx yea true thx

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