I went to my mum's

I spontaneously went to see mum and dad this afternoon
I was a nervous wreck down the motorway as usual
By time I’d got there 25 mins away, i was a mess. Im agoraphobic so i don’t leave my flat much and when i go out its usually 5-10 minutes drive local
My m&d are getting old now dads over 70, mums almost 70. There both a bit slower to move around walking etc and mum talks a lot still, shes a chatterbox
They both said tonight they will do there best for me.
It meant a lot to see them and i can tell they love me a lot as i do them even though its hard to feel things being numb with this schizophrenia
Yes i think i do sort of accept now the dx
But here i am home, trying to recharge, it takes ages to feel less stressed after going out.


I totally get it. I have a hard time getting out too. I’m glad they do their best for you though. I’m sure that feels good

I’m glad that you got to see your parents @spaceoptic.

I know how you feel, because I suffer with lots of anxiety and I’m agoraphobic as well.

I can only really drive by myself for short periods at a time.

Im getting worse with agoraphobia not better at all. Every year im doing less and less. My parents say they will come visit me so that will help


Right, its really hard having this agoraphobia so hard. I feel drained every time i go anywhere
The further i go its horrendous

Im going to take Diazapam tonight that’ll help a bit

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I get paranoid also
I thought mum kept looking at the ceiling to make me more paranoid, she can trigger me for sure. I will just have to cling to the positives of seeing them
But i was well out my comfort zone phew im home


Yeah I get paranoid when I leave my house too.
It’s awful.

I get a lot of paranoia and mind fog all day every day
Think one thing is a good idea
Next minute im changed
Its relentless
I struggle with thoughts, voices
Im not going to list my life problems though theres too many

well good for you for getting out…I had exrtreme agoraphobia when I had my panic disorder…I learned through therapy to “unplug the fear” associated with agoraphobia and panic and anxiety…I carried a polished rock in my pocket that I would cling to in my pocket when going in public…I focused on the rock in my hand to help ignore the fear…it worked…haven’t had anxiety ever since…you can message me for more explanation…I hate that you have agoraphobia.

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@jukebox @Wave @ZmaGal

Thanks all of you for sharing :blush:

I feel a connection that we have agoraphobia in common

Even though you’ve overcame yours jukebox

I will message you jukebox or you can me , id like that



I should just add that hubby takes me , he drove. I haven’t been anywhere alone in years now im too nervous afraid to

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I’m afraid to go by myself to most places @spaceoptic

Your definitely not alone with this.


I feel like im shite at everything tbh its getting me down

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You are not shite, you are someone suffering with an awful disorder.

Have you tried therapy @spaceoptic?

Maybe this could help.

I’m glad you’re going to see your parents. Hugs

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