I cant figure out whats wrong with me

I dont know if I have intrusive thoughts, OCD , or tourettes but for example i have bad thoughts that i feel inclined to think and then i correct myself mentally but its almost like my mind is blurting these things out like tourettes

Honestly this crap makes me suffer worse than the schizophrenia i tried ocd meds (antidepressants) and they didnt help

I do it a bit too. I get these intrusive thoughts and it kinda locks up my brain. They are usually negative and I find myself talking out loud with them. I deal with them usually by myself so it’s not embarassing but I know what you are talking about.

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Have you tried any medication for it?

I think it’s a postive symptom for me so I am as low as I can go down on my antipsychotic for function. It doesn’t happen a lot these days and I’ve recently come down a dose so I just deal with it. If it’s all the time talk to your doc. Might be worth trying another med/dosage.

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Im on the highest dose of Invega trinza 816mg
She tried giving me fluvoxamine but it didnt help i have it all throughout the day if im not distracted

Yeah keeping busy is good. I tend to talk out loud when I’m alone and thinking of the past. I try to keep active and focused on the now. It happens a bit but it’s worth talking with your shrink about. It’s weird but I can almost feel I’m going into that thought set. I get really negative in my thinking.

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