Intrusive thoughts plaguing my mind

I used to take something for the intrusive thoughts and it worked, however it also had sexual side effects. I’m ready to go back on the med though because my mind is being bombarded by thoughts of negativity that keep me upset and running from the thoughts that I have severe restlessness. Anybody have intrusive thoughts that they can’t escape from?

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I get this a whole lot! I usually get Intrusive Images mainly and thoughts as well.
Really negative and scary - violent images pop into my head, as vivid as a movie clip.

I get these images of these really violent intruders breaking into my house and causing harm or kidnapping me.
Just yesterday, I got these greusome images of my brother getting killed in a car crash - picturing the blood and gore!
Its awful. From what I understand intrusive thoughts and images can be part of my OCD.

Do you suffer from OCD @jukebox? I dont know, I think its also part of depression and anxiety, Im pretty sure.
I would love to take meds for it, but I hear that the meds for OCD are antidepressants, and I cannot take them

yes I have OCD. I should have been on a med a long time ago for it. even though I will lose my meager sex life I am prepared to lose that for sanity. I am tormented right now. thanks for your reply. I get past images of gore and violence done to me when I was ill too. It’s awful.

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I get disturbing intrusive thoughts about harming my husband, its awful because I love him and wouldn’t want to harm him. Those thoughts aren’t mine!

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I know how you feel @Hadeda it’s such a shame we have to suffer thoughts that we know aren’t “like our own thinking”.

I’m sorry these are hitting you.

Once in a while when I’m agitated some pretty horrid images will come into focus. The worst would be this vivid memory of beating up my kid sis… I could picture it so well… broken arms… bruises on her face… split lip… other injuries…

They would come like solid memories. But then when my sis got into my field of vision… not a scratch on her. It was all part of the head circus.

The other part is violent command voices… that used to trigger it pretty badly. But by upping the Latuda for me… the voices have faded So much. I don’t get voice triggered thoughts like that.

I do hope you find the way out of this frustrating situation. Good luck and I’m rooting for you.

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@SurprisedJ I look forward to the pdoc appt. on tuesday and I’m sure she will give me the med again. It’s all I can do to wait until then. Really want a cigarette right now. I hope I don’t fall down. sigh.

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I wonder if your brain is rebelling against the no smoking and that is why your having this hit you?

The brain deprived can do some pretty mean things.

Good luck… distract… maybe work on some music or something creative…

Or cook a nice meal that you would enjoy?

I hope this leaves you soon. Stay strong

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thanks man. I am crying right now because I just feel so down about why I have to have such a bad brain working for me. I usually don’t post on here because I’ve been happy but this last month of poverty has really done a job on me stress wise. day 5 always seems like my breaking point. thanks for the kind words dude. ■■■■.

I’m sorry your at the day 5. The stress of poverty is a hard one to overcome.

When I was at my lowest… I had to just list the parts that were working out for me.

You have a girl who loves you
You have musical talent
You have a kind nature
You were able to successfully finish and publish a book

I hope you can shift the focus to the stuff that has been going right. Be kind to yourself… congratulate yourself for getting to day 5 of no smoking.

Congratulate yourself for working through some of the past problems with you relationship and still having Angie by your side. It’s a lot of work to keep a relationship in tact.

You’re a good man Jukebox… I hope you can get through this soon.

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thanks man. that’s true what you say. I didn’t know people here knew so much about me. Just makes me cry harder right now. I feel pitiful. I am just having a pity party right now. I have a lot I could feel good about you’re right, so why do I feel like the good is outweighed by the bad? I have personal problems that are bullying me right now because of my past. decades ago and then only a few years ago. I think it’s also that I haven’t closure with issues over my divorce. I feel like I’ve just been ■■■■■■■ up so much lately. Anyways, you are kind, I appreciate you trying to help me. I am sensitive and feel bad when I can’t stop crying. Angie is in the other room, I think I’ll go to her now and see if she can help.

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Angie talked me down and I feel better now. a little anyways. For one thing she reminded me that the poor streak is over that we had this month thanks to an angel that saved me financially earlier this week. Another thing is that most of the things I told Angie I felt bad over was beyond my control…the illness and how it stole my career in architecture. I’m not crying anymore but I thank you again @SurprisedJ you steered me in the right direction. I really appreciate your support.

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