I don't know what to do please help

Can someone please help me racists words are coming out of my head, I don’t want to think like this also feel people are out to get me due to my intrusive thoughts. Just want my normal brain back, I don’t want to die like this. Feel people are always looking inside my head and all they see are racist and perverted thoughts. Hopefully I won’t be like this and will get better. I hate these thoughts and I’m afraid of them.

Write all the racist words down in a journal. Then tell yourself you don’t have to think them anymore because they are all written down.

That helped me a lot with intrusive thoughts, different kinds of them, but still.

The trick w intrusive thoughts is the more you try to repress them the worse they become, so if you don’t want to write them down try just allowing yourself to think those things and then adding “But I don’t agree with any of that and don’t truly feel that way, these thoughts don’t represent me and I wont beat myself up for having them” At the end.


seek help from a psychiatrist !! you sound very unstable…no one can read your thoughts…you are ill…please take your meds if you have them?

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I suffer from the same kinds of intrusive thoughts as you. What helped me was a higher dose of medication and time. As your brain gets back in balance the perverse intrusive thoughts become weaker and weaker. Don’t be afraid to talk to your pdoc about increasing your medication doses, even above the maximum dose limits under the supervision of a doctor. Polypharmacy, or taking more than one antipsychotic is another option.

Intrusive thoughts are byproducts of OCD or anxiety, and another way to correct those two imbalances is to try an antidepressant. An SSRI can reduce anxiety or intrusive or repetitive thoughts which are caused by lower serotonin levels. So consider talking to the pdoc about trying an antidepressant too, though wellbutrin might make anxiety worse. A serotonergic antidepressant like prozac or paxil or zoloft can help you erase these thoughts. This is another option for you. Anafranil is also good for OCD and the fears of contamination it can cause.


Hi @eduvigis,
How do you deal with these intrusive thoughts? I feel everything in my mind is intrusive lately. They are so terrible beyond comprehension. I can’t control the images in my mind, I wish I could though.

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For me medication is key in reducing the intrusive thoughts. I still have them but they aren’t as terrifying, as if the medication sort of takes the edge off of them. Time may also heal this to some degree as the brain’s chemistry becomes more stable. Of course for many the thoughts and images will be intermittent, where you will have flare ups. After experimenting with different doses of medication my flare ups have become less and less intense. I could either attribute this to the effects of consistent medication or the healing effects of time. To this day when I do have an attack it is always very intense and intolerable, so I can sympathize with you concerning that.

Just rememer, low serotonin leads to repetitive unwanted thoughts. To get rid of these thoughts or images you may need an antidepressant on board or an antipsychotic with antidepressant effects like Abilify, Rexulti, Seroquel or Latuda.

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Thanks @Anna, I will write the words down and let my thoughts pass. Am so tortured by my thoughts.

Have you tried prozac? My dr put me on it for that. Im on start of week 2

Have you tried prozac and had success with these thoughts? Dr put me on it for this

I’ve started thinking of them as spam, and doing what I do with spam, Ignore it, Just scroll past it in your minds inbox. Trying to ‘unsubscribe’ from them seems to not work.

Another thing I do is just note that I’m having a crazy thought and just letting it pass without getting too involved with it. I can’t stop them, so I just don’t focus on them. It’s like sitting by the road and cars are passing by, no need to get in one of them and get taken somewhere weird.

They seem to get less and less when I do this.

I hope you get relief soon, it’s not fun.