I can't beleive I haven't worked in 11 years

I can’t believe I haven’t worked in 11 years. That is a long time.


yeah i’ve been out of work for 7 years now. had a job briefly two years ago, but only lasted a day as it was too physical for me and i quit. looking to get back to work doing something.

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I’ve been out of work for 9 months I think or maybe 7.

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I left work last month, I’ve felt both bad and good because of it.

I feel bad because I feel less purposeful or happy that I don’t have a reward for effort. (Despite being a student as well)

But I also have been happy because I’ve made certain goals I have reached and changed if habit that are helping me health wise

But concluding, I still feel the purposeful aspect is a very strong strong self esteem or confidence builder. You just feel comfortable with yourself and within yourself and trust yourself or something. Not sure :thinking:

Me either. I always got a job though.

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I stopped working at end of March 2020. I might get back to work if Vraylar works for me like Abilify did.

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I have been on disability pension for about two or three years and it’s one of the best things to ever happen to me.

Looking for work and working was too stressful and upsetting for me.

It’s helped my mental health so much.
Nolonger stress about it.


I’ve been out of work for nine years. Maybe some day I will go back but whenever I get excited sza and life tear me down.

Oh well. Do what I gotta do.


I last worked in 2003. I still miss it and have hope! :upside_down_face:

I love my mother @JustTrish

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I don’t understand how anyone can not work for this period of time

The amount of government support is not enough here, and I think in the UK we have a pretty generous benefits system

After I was diagnosed, I went against medical advice and worked. Now I have my own place and all these bills to pay, but I am increasingly becoming incapable of working - and I am literally screwed now

I had a job in summer 2020, but I gave it up after two weeks due to low motivation and struggling to keep up

I’ve had several good jobs (also, a job at PwC), but I don’t last more than a couple of weeks

I can apply for jobs, and I’m very good at interviews but Sz gets in the way, and I can’t sustain a job for more than a couple of weeks

My wish is to be able to find a good job again, and stick with it

I am stay at home my husband brings the bread

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I havent worked for 28 years. I retired a long time ago. Thats mental illness for you.

Heard all the comments over the years “Dole Dosser” im in “the system” so im “lucky” yeah right.

I wont ever work again.


I haven’t worked for 6 months. I miss it, but i don’t think i ever will work again. Thats sad.

I have got to find a way to deal with all the comments @Naarai mention. I can’t tell strangers i have got a SZ disorder, it’s to stigmatizing.

It might work if i tell i have got an MI and tried to work but failed due to my MI.


I was different. Once i had a beer or 5 one day in the bar - i told people that i was Schizophrenic. And 90% of people were understanding. I knew 3 that were Bi-polar.

But at the same time - ive overheard comments from junkies laughing “im a nutter” whilst demanding money from me. They assume your thick.

I probably did myself no favours by declaring it - but its a great way of finding out who your true mates are

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Yeah, I have the same problems. I used to be on a dating sight on the internet, and I couldn’t respond to people. It was because I couldn’t explain why I didn’t have a job.


I haven’t worked in about thirteen years. I struggle with daily breakthrough symptoms. I sometimes entertain the idea of getting a work from home part time job. Something to supplement my disability.

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