Feels nice to be back at work

After seven days of doing nothing it feels nice to be back at work.


What you doing?

Coffee not much yet just got here chatting with co workers which is fun. Then well do some stuff. It’s a long day, maintenance work and a lot of downtime but I’ve missed it.

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I wish I could go back to work. I sat both my Dad and psychiatrist down and told them that I wanted to go back to work but they both said no. That I need to stay on disability for the insurance. I guess they don’t think I could handle work. My psychiatrist did say that I should contact NAMI and see if I could volunteer for something. I know it would be a start but I would really like something that pays money lol…

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I only work part time. In the USA you keep disability unless you make 1090 that month which I don’t. I volunteered for 9 months at a nature center maybe u can try volunteering.

Good luck than! I worked at coffee shops, I always liked it, better than restaurants that’s for sure. Enjoy it!

Very cool… glad you found something that you like.

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