I can hear people thoughts

This is my first time posting, in advance I’m going to apologize for the grammar or spelling mistakes. Anyways when I’m talking to someone or just walking by them sometimes I can hear their thoughts and I know it’s not my thoughts. It’s in the person’s voice, not my own inner voice. A lot of the times they say I smell or they say nobody wants you. I’m just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I want to believe that it’s a delusion it seems so real I can’t tell if it is a delusion. When I’m at home I think my neighbours can hear my thoughts and talk to me through there mind.


Sounds like the beginning of psychosis but I am not a psychiatrist. Better to see one. That’s how it started for me including voices calling me cheater, stupid, etc at 15 y.o.

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Welcome to the forum. :bear::bear::bear:

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Yeah, definitely time to talk to a psychiatrist. Probably put you on meds. Do it now before you get to far into psychosis and it will save you a lot of trouble.

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Did it ever go away? Does it ever go away? or does it get worse? I haven’t been diagnosed with anything but I do take risperidone.

You might ask for a higher dosage or a different med and see if your situation improves.

It got much worse for me but I wasn’t on any meds back then. Why do you take risperidone? I take 4mg of that now and its working.

The correct term is thought broadcasting if you want to look more into the delusion. It’s clear to me that you’re hearing voices! Speak to your doctor as soon as possible, earlier you catch the first psychosis the better the prognosis

Either your thoughts, others or angels and demons. nothing to worry about

I used to hear people’s prayers in my head

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Were you having a jesus or god delusion at the time?

Hearing voices means that your subconscious mind has ‘vocalised’ what you expect to hear.

If you have low self worth then the voices are more likely to be negative. If you are in a positive frame of mind and value yourself then the voices can be positive.

There are no spirits, aliens etc, but if you have been brainwashed/indoctrinated into religion as a child then the voices can be interpreted in this way by such a person. For example, if you are fascinated by sci-fi as a person at whatever age you are more likely to believe the voices are aliens and have implant delusions,

If you are hearing as you say what other people generally think, it is in fact what you think subconsciously. There is no such thing as legitimate thought broadcasting.

That is what the psychiatrist should inform you about and help you to manage them better, probably with meds if this is a permanent thing and it is destroying your life.

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I don’t remember well.

Omg those are the exact thoughts i hear wehn i hear theme.
Those are not delusions. Those are hallusinations bro…
I hate when it happens. Very nasty.

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I needed 4mg risperidone to be symptom free.

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Did you hear my thoughts i had about you. Cause you can only hear them when i let you so appreciate it.

I used to think I was like that too hearing people thoughts and all. Until I got a message saying it were the voices trying to trick me.

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