I can hear people thoughts

Sorry for the bad grammar. For the most part of my day I don’t hear anything. I wake up and workout everything is fine. After that I sometimes will hear the thoughts of people I live with. It is always usually something rude. I also hear a whisper Saying hey in my ear. It only ever says hey. When I’m laying down at night I sometimes here my next door neighbor who’s house is next talking rudely about me. Even when I’m driving in my car with music blast I can hear someone thoughts. It also different voice or it matches the voice to the person. I was taking medication but I stopped because I wanted to get in shape again and for 2-3 months I didn’t hear anything. All of a sudden once I start wanting to get in shape again I start hearing these thoughts of people. I know it isn’t real but sometimes I think it is real and that there doing some type of magic to talk to me in my head and it’s always something rude. I even start Saying rude stuff back to them in my head.

Maybe it’s time to go back on meds before things get worse…

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In the past
I was hearing
other people’s prayers in my head

I hear people’s thoughts and they can hear mine. My pDoc just upped my Geodon 20mg more.

Did you mean your off meds?

All the meds make me gain weight, makes me so angry I’ll be in good a mood and then I’ll hear someone saying something rude about me. What makes me really mad is that I don’t.get.a chance to confront.the person. It’s like there getting away with it and there nothing I can do to stop it. Sometimes when I hear it.i just.want to yell F off to the person but I know that there a strong possibility they didn’t say anything and that it is all in my head.

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How did you make it go away? I really don’t want to believe that I have something wrong with me.

I was taking Risperidone but I stopped because it made gain weight and it made me lazy, Does ur med do the same?

@Michael_B No my AP Geodon/ziprasidone does not make me gain weight gain like my previous seroquel and ability. But I’m on a new antidepressant which has made me gain 20lbs in a month. I’m stopping it today and hope to lose the weight.

I don’t know how

Hi ! the voices are all in your head, you should go back to see your psy doc and take your medication. otherwise you’ll always be thinking of those voices and this will waste your time :smiley:

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When I was on Geodon (ziprasidone) I didn’t gain weight. Now I’m on Haldol and I’ve lost 81 pounds since May. Not all meds will make you gain weight, especially if you eat healthy and exercise

I think that’s how it starts tbh, you should really start taking meds again so it dosent get worse, you could end up in hospital, no time for working out there

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I used to not hear people’s thoughts but I would sense people’s thoughts like telepathy. I just knew what people were thinking and all their thoughts were rude and even downright mean and insulting.

I was like that for 33 years before Risperdal Consta shots, Geodon and Seroquel came along.

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I urge you to either get back on your medication or find a new one. You can’t read other peoples minds or “hear the thoughts of others”, as you put it. I use to believe others could read my mind but it wasn’t true. Medication is likely the only thing that is going to help you get back to normal.


I really don’t know. Back when I was psychotic it was like people were beaming their thoughts from their face, or like I was a dog or cat or some other animal that could smell thoughts, or that I had become a mind reader, and I still don’t know to this day whether there was anythig in it but…

In Okinawa, the southernmost Island of Japan, schyzophrenics were trained to be shaman and earned a live telling people what thoughts seemed to be waging around them.

Give them the mental finger!

You can’t hear other people’s thoughts.

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I think it’s possible to hear others thoughts, but yours is all in your head, get help urgently or else :call_me_hand:

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Aha I do I do , seriously though I try not to flip.out in public or at my house I try to just keep it all in my head and not actually speak.

Maybe talking with a therapist can help. They often have strategies for dealing with things.