Thought broadcasting - natural phenomenon or delusion?

I have been experiencing thought broadcasting for the last two years. It boils down to me talking to myself. If I talk to myself internally I hear responses to what I am saying in my head. I hear voices responding to the ignorant, rude and hateful thoughts that I have now due to the paranoia of everyone hearing my thoughts. Its difficult to focus on anything unless I put on music to drown out the thoughts. I have had issues with sexualizing people that I am not attracted to at all or saying racist and mean comments about people in my head constantly. I have had treatments for a drug induced psychosis but everything in my gut tells me its real. I hear voices telling me its a natural phenomena. I hear my own thoughts outside of my body and it feels like everyone can hear them if they are outside or in an enviroment where echoes are elevated. The voices tell me its not schizophrenia. They bash me for sexualizing people, threaten to call the police on me, call me ungrategul and disgusting. Ive developed obsessive thoughts due to this - and associate certain places and things with distrubing thought patterns. I feel humiliated. Its ruined my relationship, my family and now I am not working. Please help.

Thought broadcasting is the way you are when you are under psychosis. When your meds start working you will know that these things about people hearing your thoughts is all your false beliefs which your mind made to look real. Give some time take your meds on time everyday have a good sleep and you can come out of this mess slowly.


Do you have access to healthcare where you’re from?

If so I think you need to talk to someone.

I could have written what you just did about this topic a few years ago.

It can get better with meds. They tranquillise the ■■■■ out of your brain and flick off so many switches it provides some relief.

My original diagnosis was drug induced also, but that turned to SZ eventually.

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Do not expect professional qualified help from a Web forum.

What you describe seems like classic schizophrenia to me. I experienced my share of it.

Voices are liars and idiots. Never, under any circumstances, listen or consider or react to them. Never respond. When you feel comments on your actions start, remember that it is just an illness that you have to combat.

Get to a headdoctor and have him prescribe meds. They won’t solve your problem but may help you fight back.

Invent a grounding ritual for yourself. The clearer you understand that its an illness the better.


Thank you all so much. I am currently taking capalyta and used to be on the abilify injection. Any reality checking is much appreciated.

I have volumes of information on this phenomenon. I need to resolve it fully before dispensing it though.

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I too had a drug induced psychosis and have been married to the NHS for 20 years as a consequence

From experience I put thought broadcast down to overstimulation of the mind.

Basic OT helps you come out of it.

I understand that this might sound a bit high level but I hope it helps.

Thats happened to me when i quit clozapine and go cold wasn t like regular voice that sz patient was much like loud intrusive thoughts that revealed because of excess dopamine.if you experience same thing i would guarantee you its because of some kind of dopamine defficiency

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