Can you hear your thoughts?

I apologize ahead of time if this is a stupid question. I’m just a little confused at the moment. I was curious if people with auditory hallucinations can also hear there own thoughts. Like your own voice inside your head. And if so does it sound like your voice when you speak out loud? Or if someone doesn’t hear voices can you still hear your own thoughts? If that makes any sense

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You sound a bit delusional, are you on meds? have you been diagnosed with schizophrenia? When I heard voices they were more like silent thoughts. Maybe some others with voices can help you more.

I don’t think I’m delusional. It was just a question. And yes I’ve been diagnosed with schizophrenia


I don’t find this question delusional. My thoughts are a quieter process but I’d say I sense the English I "hear " in my head… when I actually hallucinated I heard people talking in the other room that weren’t talking… I think. I’m not sure what was real back then honestly


I mean I would hear stuff clear as day tho… people outside my door talking about the cia. And then a doc saying there was no one there


But yes the average person has inner dialog in their mind. Its common for a healthy person.


When I was at my worst I was ‘aware’ of my own thoughts. Not in an auditory way though.

My thoughts have always had the suggestion of sound. I don’t hear them like I hear things happening around me, but their sound is something I’m always aware of.

I’m listening to a song in my head right now (on purpose, not involuntarily), and interestingly it’s definitely playing on the right side of my head, right behind my eye and next to my ear.

I don’t hear voices, by the way.

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thats a good question, yes i can hear my own thoughts but if i need help with anything i get help from God who gives me guidance it is a very good combination, especially if you are fighting against evil.

I perceive my thoughts. I wish I didn’t have any thoughts because my thoughts are distressing.

Sometimes my voices would just echo what I was thinking… and that would freak me out. I used to think something was reading my mind… but it was just the voices in my head saying out loud the thoughts in my head.

Sometimes it’s a scramble… but usually, thoughts come in on a much more subtle frequency.

Hope all is well.

Yeah, I have an inner dialogue that goes on, sometimes it tires me but when I was heavily medicated and post-psychotic couldn’t even think, I wanted that, so I guess it’s fine. It’s healthy, I hear

Thanks everyone for your replies. It really helped a lot :slight_smile:


I definitely hear my own voice in my head… but it’s changed. It sounds more like “they” do… which is like totally understandable words without sound behind them… almost more like they are physical objects that I’m seeing with my mind… like reading over time… crazy ■■■■

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:slight_smile: I know I’m so excited for fallout 4! I’ve been counting down the days for months.


3.5 weeks or so now… should be a good time for gaming.

I have to try really hard to formulate my own thoughts. I basically just don’t - being a thoughtless creature; it’s not so bad.

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For me, auditory hallucinations are screams, crying, people calling me… Then there’s the analytical thoughts gone wild, that have absolutely no voice whatsoever.

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I’m actually working on that for myself… it sounds so comfortable and peaceful.

I know you never truly forget how to think… and speaking is almost a totally different system than thinking… that still works… spoken words aren’t usually premeditated… human speech is really interesting to watch happen.

I don’t need to think any more… it’s all about doing and that just takes getting ■■■■ done.

Surprisingly though a lot of thinking still happens even when their aren’t words.

I’m pretty excited though… I worked at it for a long time… then I gave up on it… and now I’ve found myself nearly completely thoughtless and void of thought impulses for minutes at a time. It helps to control voices and not having negative self talk does wonders for solidarity.

Daze apparently doesn’t have thoughts either… it’s cool to hear about people who’s mind are operating that way.

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This is sometimes called “The Nothing Box”.