I broke it off with him

He kept saying he’d call in 5 mins always forgot to call me got busy didn’t bother to tell me. Today he said I’ll call in5 mins has all night to talk. Didn’t bother. So I told him I’m not ready for this probably cos lil things like this bug me and make me feel devalued.

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did he give a reason?

Yes one time I asked him if he could help me with my interview he said he’d call me In 30 mins but called after 3 hours. Said he was in the bathroom.

I just hate when you have to wait for someone to call, thats very rude for a partner to be doing that

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That’s why you broke up with him?.. I guess if I ever have a girlfriend I need to be punctual.

Or just not say you were in the bathroom 3 hours later

It would be wise to at least keep your word and don’t make promises you won’t keep.
Your word is all you have for others to trust you, and trust is the foundation to any relationship that stands the test of time.


This guy sounds very inconsiderate. This is just a taste of what would come if you got into a serious relationship with him.


Thank you. It hurts so much though.

If he has had the flu I’ve had these past few days, this is not unrealistic. Sadly not joking here.

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More than anything I feel hurt and betrayed. I know his character. He told me yesterday on a date he went to … they were talking something came up. He made an excuse to go to the toilet and never returned to his date . What kind of person does that ? Makes me sick.

You did the right thing. He sounds like a loser. But will we ever know what the 4am surprise was going to be?

Better to find out now. Sorry, @anon80629714. It does hurt to discover someone isn’t who you need or want them to be. It won’t change, though, so deciding now whether that’s acceptable behavior is the smartest thing you can do. Remember that it is not a reflection of who you are or your value as an individual. It only reflects who he is and a lack of character on his part.
I think you should be proud of yourself for seeing the situation clearly! This is all just practice until you find the right one. This is good practice. :heart:


ahh you really don’t know then what is his problem. He might have some issues - anxiety - or something else.

Squirt swuirt swuirt

I wouldn’t put up with someone doing that to me on the phone. good for you. You are wise I think.

Perhaps he was gonna disappear at 4am for a 3 hour bathroom break. :thinking:


How long where you with this person?

I was with him two months. And I’ll be honest… he put a tracker on my iphone so he knew where i was every minute of everyday… he sent the request . then he laughed at peoples expense at first i thought it was just his sense of humour … but then i googled him and found him on okcupid ONLINE and he told me the day before he only had eyes for me… He blocked me … without hesitation when i confronted him…saying i was the one with trust issues… so he only had eyes for me… what ■■■■■■■■… i know what he had eyes on. I paid for most of the meals he had. thank god i did not sleep with him.