I bought fish oil today

I took 1,050mg at 6pm. I read it’s supposed to be good for your brain. I bought the one that said heart/general/brain


I have taken it off and on since high school. So about 15 years. I honestly don’t notice anything from it, but that could be because I’ve taken it so long that I’m just used to it.

Never found a need for it, though if it helps you then great.

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yea I don’t have a lot of omega-3’s in my diet so I think it will be beneficial


Ive read good things about it. It’s supposed to help with psychosis. I’m not taking it now but I have for a while. Didn’t notice anything special but supposedly it helps so idk.

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Thanks, I hope to see some kind of difference. If not, it is still a healthy supplement to take :grinning:

My shrink got me on it years ago as there were some good studies done over here about ADHD kids and gains in concentration. I took it for years but probably not in high enough doses. Did it help? probably not but it wasn’t a bad thing to be taking.

I haven’t taken it in years.

Its suppose to support your brain yes. I can tell you it lowered my blood pressure.

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Yeah, it’s a bitc*h when your fish start to rust.


Rusty fish is just the worst.


haha. Lubrication for your veins isn’t so bad!

I think it helps the good cholesterol but someone will correct me.

I have shitty bad cholesterol and poor good cholesterol but I suspect the culprit is full fat cheese!

The choices we make but you’ve nothing to lose. Once you lose your sanity then everything else seems to be all right!

Beats snake oil anyday.


Also. I heard if you have gout then Fish Oil isn’t so good!

As a sufferer I’m reluctant to get back on board!

I eat a lot of fish. I’ve been fishing my entire life. I have so much fish at times I give it away. My favorite is salmon. I catch all kinds of species brown trout rainbow trout brook trout lake trout king salmon coho salmon pink salmon atlantic salmon perch walleye pike bass. You name it I fish for it. It’s a fun hobby. I love being outdoors. The stuff is expensive too. I can catch 5 20lb salmon a day. The stuff goes for $20 a lb. I never understood why they charge so much for it. For something they can just net out of the water they charge way too much. I see fish rotting on the shelves at the grocery store because it don’t sell.

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HAHAHAHA THAT made me laugh!

you got that right!!!

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Too early to tell if it helped, I haven’t done any thing different

Don’t some APs cause hypotension? Lowered blood pressure, dizziness upon standing. And fish oil lowers blood pressure… I’ve been feeling dizzy

I take 3000 mg a day in divided doses. I find that it helps to regulate my mood. I’ve been taking it for many years.

Any1 got medical advice, yesterday I might have accidentally took extra depakote, then I took the fish oil, and last night I took an extra pill of Klonopin to help me sleep (it didn’t help any way). Should I continue the fish oil? I called my pdoc but the secretary talked to her and she was cutting me off and I couldn’t get in depth. I do know I have bad vertigo, and couldn’t explain all the contributing factors