I blocked my uncle and I feel bad

There’s a time difference but every morning he’d text me at around 3am to say good morning. I woke up once and checked who sent the message. He saw what time I looked and then he said wow you’re up early. So he knows what time it is so why text me. Then every time I change my profile pic he’ll save it and then post it back to me for some weird reason. He’ll make comments on my pics. So I took him off my contact list so he couldn’t see my profile pics on what’s app but he’s texting asking me to put my pic back up. He was giving me the creeps so my mum told me to block him. I feel bad because I don’t know his intentions but he was giving me the serious creeps.

Women have to protect themselves.

Have you spoken to your therapist – or even your p-doc – about this? Considering the many posts of your I have read and what they suggest symptomatically, this new information suggests something best dealt with in the company of very sophisticated professional help.

Is this your mother’s brother? If so, I would say nothing further to her about this topic until you have run all this down to a qualified mental health professional.

Seriously? You over analyse things and you do not know me or my situation not from sitting all those miles away behind a computer screen. Not everything I do or say is down to my dx. You haven’t seen the countless messages he has sent me. I have proof. No it’s not my mums brother or is not related to her. But that’s not the point. Now have you spoken to your therapist about your need to overanalyse things and making assumptions. You might be a pro but even you are not 100% pro enough to make those assumptions over a few words I wrote on the Internet. No one is.

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I understand.

I’m glad you were able to block him. I’m sorry you have to deal with that.

Good girl trusting your instincts! Better safe, and don’t be sorry. Just because he’s your uncle doesn’t mean there are no boundaries for him. I don’t know you, but I’m proud of you for protecting yourself. It took me too long to learn to do that.

underestimating the internet :)…nyway cheers

Sounds like a horrible situation. Maybe he’s just an idiot, but maybe he’s sinister. Your mother felt it was iffy and she’d know a lot more about the situation than us.

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