I bet some of the unusual bielefs is closer to the truth than what is an official statemnet of what sz is

What is making your belief atheistic about scizophrenia?

I have unusual beliefs coming out of my ears. But as I said to @pansdisease, why can’t it be BOTH physical and spiritual?

If you believe there’s a spiritual component to it, then what’s wrong with believing that there’s also a physical component to it.

Some of my unusual beliefs may be true, who knows? But even if they are, at the best they’re neutral for me. The more spiritual ones have been actually very harmful to me.

I can’t know the truth of them. What I can know is that they’re unhealthy and get in the way of me living my life fully.

It’s an illness. It’s treatable. That’s all I concern myself with. The people who go around labeling themselves as somehow ‘enhanced’ because of being SZ never seem to have happy endings. Or much happy before their endings, either.


I get skeptical (when clear-minded) because different people with SZ have different “spiritual” or supernatural experiences. If there was something legit to it then we would all have the same types of experiences, but we don’t.

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If I had choice between having my enlightened psychotic experiences or never having them and just being productive in the real world I’d take the real world productivity


Yea this is no super power. Even if the crap i see is true id rather go to work. Plus the meds suck right now i mean they work for some but the negatives are horrible withdrawing from thems horrible starting a new ones horrible. But have no other options i cant do this on my own and this is what works for alot of people.

I love this quote by levelJ1…

…and also this by pixel.

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