HOw many people here have experienced the supernatural

I know I have. How about you and what did you experience?

Experiences with the supernatural is the reason I was declared SZ. Boo! :ghost:


hey baked beans… I know, sure schizophrenia is all about the supernatural

My entire episode seemed to be the paranormal, including what appeared to be the appearances of non-human entities, i was even being made to look at the clock at the same times over and over again.

And when your “disorder” begins to physically harm you, twice even, while “someone” appears to you visually then you have a good idea whats going on.

Who, how, or why, im not to clear, but i can say with the utmost certaintly that it is someone.

i see ghosts and everything else, and i have experienced some of these things with ’ normal people '.
it is not just a sz thing !
take care

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Have not come face to face with a ghost. :ghost:

Strange Experiences

  • Being pushed on a busy street with numerous cars. Look back and do not see anyone around me. Happened 4 times.
  • Curtains shaking violently in my bedroom.
  • At age 4 my dresser tumbled on me when I was sitting on the floor with a coloring book. Needed stitches.
  • Silver spoon in the air mysteriously flying at me.

:ghost: go away

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Sounds kinda like a poltergeist.

I’ve had supernatural experiences. It seemed unreal but it was real life i was experiencing and was tense and creepy the first few years. My thoughts were telekinetic with all of universes matter and space which includes the world, humans, stars and etc. When I walked it felt hard to like i was in water, moving slow has my mine was simultaneously being the command center of existence. Kinda theomania type thang. Of course it was like hide and seek of where the voices were coming from and how others could invade my mind.

What the supernatural in my head? Lets call it the fun we had with our delusions.

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With belief “all things are possible,” even raising the dead. On the other hand, what I like about science is – it has limits. What we know by science changes through time, and continues to grow, but at any given time it is a limited amount.

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Too many stories to tell. Picked up a ghost when little, it moved with me and continued it’s tricks. Another house it followed but got more intense, the last house it brought friends and wouldn’t stop, then they declared me insane.

I know people who have had super natural experiences who aren’t proclaimed sz. Kinda wrong huh?

Playing the piano is supernatural. Somebody always loses.

What do they lose? Their dignity?

Had a few experiences witnessed by others and a few on my own. I’m not gonna go into it yet but suffice to say reality is a funny thing. What we perceive to b real sometimes isn’t and what we perceive to b unreal sometime is real. I don’t proffess to know what is either. All I know is what I’ve experienced, some real some unreal.

plus losing their minds.

Isn’t it interesting that in our society here in the US anyway the official stance is that anything supernatural does not really exist but is an illusion of the mind. But there are many who can’t deny the strange reality of some of the things they’ve experienced.

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Even my therapist recognizes that non SZ people experience the supernatural. My whole life was one supernatural experience after another - even as a kid I sensed spirits around me

All my life…spiritual things…visions that came true…prophecies…even technological supernatural via quantum realities, mind control programs, psychic warfare…these things are well documented…ghosts…my wifes ghost has done several things…

Play it again, Sam…