I’ve been writing a manifesto on my theories of existence

It’s fun and I enjoy writing about it. I consider it to be a part of my spirituality and not delusion because regular people can have spiritual beliefs and not be considered psychotic. I consider delusional beliefs to be beliefs that revolve around you like thinking you are special or have special powers or something powerful and bad is watching you for some reason. I know what my delusional thoughts are.

Still my spiritual beliefs are a bit abnormal/complicated so I will say that.

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I don’t post about it here but I love spirituality, and I had it before I was diagnosed. It’s harder to navigate as a schizophrenic but I don’t want to lose all the beliefs I had prior to developing symptoms. I spend some of my better nights meditating or looking into philosophy online. To me being healthy would mean looking into these things again, as I did with a more rational mind.


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