I believe psychiatry is the devils way of us giving out our secrets God tells us

I think my delusions are getting worse and I have no way to bounce this off anyone else


It’s a delusion. Mental health professionals are not evil devil worshippers. They’re mostly good people who want to help.


Psychiatry is a means of bringing you back to the Earth realm, where you can live a normal life again.


Yeah they may be good people who help. But when they have control over you and force treatment on you, even in the community for years, it can be really annoying.

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Yes. That’s a difficult area for them because they risk harming the people they’re trying to help. :confused:


Yes I was forced drugged in the community for over 2 years!! I now willingly take Seroquel.

Lately I just can’t shake the idea that there ARE real angels who are with me and that I hold all these secrets God has revealed to me and I’m destined to be destroyed by some unknown force.

Like, how did I survive being homeless. It was me following those signs God gave me to keep going. Why do I see both negative and positives in people’s eyes and for some reason I MUST hold eye contact for fear of them doing something the moment I look away. I always believed I had this power of disertion (that spiritual gift of being able to see demons, Catholics mostly believe in it). How do I know that I don’t have this special gift. It’s alll too real

I believe that they really are angels, but the things they tell me aren’t necessarily secrets of the universe, or something invaluable, like how to create a zero-point energy machine. Just little coincidences, like telling me something that will happen a few seconds from now, or banter.

Only secret I know is we live in a computer program run by aliens.

@insidemind you sound unstable…so does the OP of this thread…you guys take your meds and work with your pdoc !!

I take my meds and I’m very stable and happy at the moment.


@jukebox I feel like I bother them too much and I haven’t missed any doses

God doesn’t tell you what you can’t preserve so don’t be worried,
Try to keep your secrets but when they become revealed don’t panic,


Wow! I believe it is psychosis/the voices that are giving out all my secrets, not psychiatry or meds. The voices reveal my secrets and then I stupidly blog about everything to complete strangers. My delusion is that my psychosis/voice hearing is the work of the devil. I appreciate my meds and pdoc!

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This is actually something I tell myself as a grounding technique

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That’s how I felt first time I went to my pdoc and was open and honest about what is going on. Had a lot of panic that day thinking “I’m done. I shouldn’t be telling them this, oh ■■■■”

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