Had my appointment today

The psychiatrist believes somewhat at least that I have delusions. We’re upping my haldol dose. I feel a little bit better. Even though I explained to her that if I was a terrorist that would put me in the minority of the population and how can she know for sure? That’s what I’m struggling with.

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good to hear you feel a little bit better.
I hope the upped haldol does keeps helping you.

I just talked to my pdoc too. I told her I was going to stop keeping secrets so I can get things out in the open where they will die. I hope I can stick to my word. If not them, I can find a friend who won’t turn me in for bad impulses. Usually, it’s just bad thoughts. But at the pharmacy the other day I had the impulse to grab the pharmacist 's hand and pull her forward for just a moment when she was handing the prescriptions under the plastic partition. I was hospitalized recently and found out they don’t care much about things we might do, just things we have done, like the way only the criminally insane are hospitalized for life these days. That would probably be worse than jail! Funny I should be speaking these things I feel very safe and secure now and my conversation with my pdoc was polite.