spying/thought reading

i’d like to think this isn’t actually an unusual belief in this community, but where else to put it?

i’m aware of how silly it sounds but i still think one person in particular is watching me through either my ipad/iphone cameras or some stupid hidden camera that probably doesn’t exist. i’ve put washii tape over them, though then i get the impression they can hear my thoughts.

it’s all very stupid. does it ever get any better?


Welcome to the forum @apollo !

These are typical paranoid thoughts. I had these. (I’m diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia). They eventually went away when I got on abilify. They didn’t go away overnight though.

Have you been diagnosed offically with anything?

thank you for the greeting :-).

i haven’t, but only because i have issues with things like psychiatrists. i’m sure most of them aren’t lovely people but i dislike them generally. they talk down to you.
i don’t like the thought of what i’ll need to say and do to receive a proper diagnosis.

however, p. sch. has run in the family forever, now. my grandfather has delusions of having seen christ, and of the pope destroying america from the inside out ; my mother is just delusional as a whole.

should i push to get diagnosed anyway? most medication frightens me.


Yes, I’d definitely try to get a diagnosis, especially if it runs in the family. You might need to start with your family doctor /GP and they would then refer you to a psychiatrist.


i do have a fear of them not believing me. then i’d have opened up for no good reason.

is it any at all possible that i’m just pretending to myself to have all of my delusions? so sorry for all of the questions, i don’t get chances to ask them.

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Probably not. You sound like you believe these things.

i do, unfortunately, and i’m not sure if that’s reassuring or not. a very big thank you for answering my questions, and my post in general

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Exactly the reason I don’t tell my pdocs anything except I hear voices, he dosent ask any questions anyway. Useless basstard


Welcome to the forum!!! I’ve had multiple kind psychiatrists. I’ve had a couple jerks too. If you don’t like one, just find a new one if your country allows you to choose your doctor. But regardless, you need to talk to a psychiatrist about what’s going on. Good luck!

i’ll try to keep that in mind, but i’m more likely to just settle for whoever i get regardless. thank you so much for the welcome! :-).

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