I been starting to talk very little and little

I find that recently I been starting to talk very little and little again,it might had got to do with schizophrenia or depression,it’s affecting my daily life,everyone seems to aviod me because I just don’t communicate or talk,not that I don’t wanna talk but just don’t feel like talking,any help would be appreciated

It has to do with schizophrenia, it’s a symptom. It’s good that you have noticed it and that you might be able thus to do something about it, as it does indeed interfere with social relationships.

When I feel like this, when I tend to withdraw, I simply make efforts to talk. Try eating better and taking some vitamins, reading the news and calling up friendly people that can listen to any stupid things you might say. If you think that what you say might be interpreted as delirium, please see your pdoc and/or therapist.

Surround yourself with people who are patient with you and know about your illness, talk about anything that goes through your mind for a change and ask them if it makes sense. You will find yourself having a good laugh at what your system was trying to hide away. Trust is a thing that is missing with SZ, and we will tend to lose ourselves in our head, so to speak. Get out, be attentive at your surroundings and you will foind a lot of topiccs of discussion.

It takes some effort, but in time you will regain the ability to be open and speak. Just try hard to do it. :smile:

Take care.


It might be that your mind is absorbed by issues it is difficult to talk about. You might be slipping into a habit or a pattern that is very hard to break. Try not to lose the ability to make small talk. That’s what I did, and as a result I became withdrawn. Fight against becoming withdrawn. Humans are social animals. We need to talk.

Thank you,I will find people to talk online or Skype to ease the urge to make a sound inside my throat

The lack of speech is a symptom.

It’s one of our negative symptoms and it takes away our words little by little by little. I’ve fought through this bad boy. This is the worst one. When I’m having a break, at least I’m communicating.

When I’m like this, my family has to work twice as hard to try to get me to tell them what I need, want, and then I see it as they are badgering me. There was a time where I didn’t say a single word all day long. Even my sis was having a hard time with me. It was really scaring her that I quit talking.

I would say… bring this one up with your doc don’t let it get you. It was so hard for me to break out of this one once it got settled in. Good luck.

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I’ve been through this, I kept a blog as a cry for help when it happened. The partners I had then thought I was trying to manipulate them. I needed someone around me because I couldn’t rely on my family for support, but I think having them around was making things worse. Anyway, after ot being able to speak at all, sooner or later I had a psychosis. It only happened when not medicated. I hope @Mobc1990 is not going thourh that, but through something milder, like lack of will to communicate. After what he is saying, it doesn’t seem that he lacks the ability to speak alltogether. But I agree with you, alogia, in any intensity it might be, is a symptom of SZ and should be treated accordingly.


i have the same problem.

i just cant find something too say.and if i do
its something short that could be answered with a yes or no.
which is odd because my mind overflows with words, concepts and thoughts.

Sometimes i find talking easier than others. Sometimes it’s an effort to do lengthy replies. As someone said elsewhere-

That group don’t sound the easiest group of people to have a good old chat with. I am not surprised you struggle and yes, I know you do, at least you do unless the topic interests you.

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