Have you lost your speaking?

I have problems on this side. I think its both the illness and the years of isolation… Idk if meds will help me on this on 100% or I should force myself to socialize more. ive noticed also that with my klonopin I talk and think more normally wow… but I dont want to be on klonopin forever.
I guess my progress on this side will take me some more time…
happy new year people, a lot of kisses from sofia! ive spent the new eve with my mom and my nephew. I love them :slight_smile:


Happy new year to you too :no_mouth:


I think healthy norms even push them selves a little and some in the area of socializing. So yeah I think you should push yourself but not back into phycosic. Be smart about it and put yourself around safe people, that will help you recover.

I have moments where I lose the ability to speak for maybe 30 seconds to a minute. What does this mean?

@Sooner88, that could be "thought block ", and I was told it could be a sign of relapse.

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No it’s not thought block, I’m thinking when this happens, I’m fully aware of my thoughts and surroundings, I just can’t make myself talk. I want to talk, but nothing comes out. Thought block is totally different.

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me personnaly I have thought blocks. I dont even have ideas for example… some form of dementia wow…

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I’m in a state of thought block 24/7. Have been for a while. I don’t allow myself to think too much. Is that bad?

@Anna1 , I don’t talk a lot either.

I don’t think it’s Alogia though.

I had this @Lexicon. I wasn’t allowing myself to think for some years and I still have it. I dont want bad thoughts I guess :/. meds are helping me on daily basis, I think it can get better for us :slight_smile: