Did you lost your talk with this illness?

for years I ve only complained… I suffered so much, it was even physical… I didn’t talk a lot for years.
did you had this issue? does it got better for you?
kisses to all :slight_smile:

Yes I lost my chatty ways I was always the “quiet type”. When you have no idea what the fick is going on for a bunch of years, hard to talk. But it’s come back for me!

yes i talk less to little.:frowning:

Yea I talk less too and is really affect my social life.

I don’t talk much. I seem to have lost my thoughts with which to speak.

do you think that socialise more will help us? that this should be our goal? otherwise, I think more and more that I am not the typical schizophrenic… I just dont have a good perspective on life. ill continue my meds, they calm a little bit my fears but I am still in terrible shape. I see everything in black colors…my future, my present my past… ive never had schizophrenics episodes as my friends had them… its also a kind of pathology but not a typical psychosis… and the meds dont really work well on me, I really tried a lot of them :/.

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I don’t talk much. In large groups of people I’m mute. With strangers it is only small sentences of not much relevance.

I think they call it being alogical. I don’t like to talk at all for good philosophical reasons of my own, but I make other people uneasy. Words get me-the interweaving of words with others gets me. I know much more than I can express. When I speak with other people, I usually get emotionally worked up and tongue tied. Of course, with the isolation, we lose the habit of speech. We end up talking to ourselves.

yea i dont talk much

ok I see… I feel like a bad person with all my bad thoughts. that’s the reason for which I dont go outside… I have anger in me. otherwise, I would never bless someone physically, I avoid it verbally too… but that’s my vicious circle. I feel like a bad person and I become paranoid about myself, I wanna break this circle but I cant. its like my conscious is inflamed. I really cant find in me anymore the power to gou out. I was counting on the meds to relief the feeling of be bad but its not the case still… somebody in this case? maybe its a lack of loving myself I dont know what it is anymore…