I am very tired

I am terrified for my life because i fear people are watching me and its causing me to have unwanted thoughts. Im tired of the tv and people around me talking about me, im just tired. I want peace. I cant find the hidden camera on me but i refuse to believe im delusional. The tv talks to me everyday and i hear voices outside of my window everyday.

Think u need to go on clozapine


You said you refuse to believe you’re delusional. Why?

What’s more likely, that someone is putting in time and effort to monitor you, or that your brain is playing tricks?

Whats more likely is that someone is monitoring me, to me.

But if it’s just your head, it can be fixed with meds. Wouldn’t that bring you comfort?

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Yes! It would!!!

You need to train yourself out of this kind of thinking. It used to drive me crazy all the time, and I was in the same position as you are.

Now those kinds of things don’t bother me, and the less you invest time in thinking about it, the more it slips into the background of your mind.

The more attention you pay to these thoughts, the worse it gets.

Try and get some therapy, that should help. Maybe even a med change, as it doesn’t seem to be helping you as much as it might be able to.

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Do you use your phone to watch TV?

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No i dont. Why you ask?