Please help

why are other people trying to read my mind? wish i were able to understand

No one is able to read your mind.


What makes you feel this way?

What dose of Clozapine are you on ? Is there room to increase the dose ?

I am going thru a lot.

I hope everything will get better.

please help 1515

The real question is why would people care to read your mind? I certainly don’t want to know the garbage that goes on in other people’s brains. People can think all kinds of things they don’t really mean and often thoughts are random and wouldn’t make sense to someone who would be able to listen in anyways.

You’re just experiencing paranoia.

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yes its paranoia, I hate this feeling, I feel so scared and I can’t breathe, I imagine improbable situations.

Benzos can help during those episodes. They helped me anyways.

Also it helps to try to not give it a reason. Like the psychotic brain will go “I feel terrified”—>why do I feel terrified—>it’s because I’m under attack, people are trying to read my mind. You have to change it to “I feel terrified”—->this is my brain spazzing out because of my disorder and setting off false alarm signals—>I am safe and this feeling of fear will pass, meanwhile I will do something comforting and distracting until it does

Nobody is reading your mind. I thought this for a while as well but then I came back to reality later.
It feels very real but it really isn’t.

If you are cooperating well with your pdoc n cpn then it is more likely that this will go away. Ask them all the questions u want they are there to support n help you :slight_smile:

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Thanks @anon90843118, Right now going thru people trying to end my life. They think I said all these racist things to some people. I am being harassed and threatened. I wish I never went to that city. Who can I trust to save my life? I don’t think I have long to live. I have people tell me that I am going to die.

@see121 I am sorry, I can’t help you;
I may be able to save myself by the skin of my teeth and with my parents’ support, but I won’t be able to save you.

That’s ok Chess, I don’t want die. I have people tell me I am going to soon.

@see121 is it real people or are these “voices”?

If these are real people, try to choose a better environment.

If these are voices\visual hallucinations, try to find a “communicator”, a person who has ties to higher powers that will get rid
of the voices.

They are real since I heard their comments around me. I am afraid that I am telepathicly communicating with the wrong people. And psychicly being abused.

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So @see121, try to get to a communicator, or котактёр or מתקשר in Russian and Hebrew, a person
who has ties to higher powers and he\she will get rid of the telepathic abuse.
It seems to work for me, at least to a certain degree.

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Ok I will try.1515

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Who are these people telling u that u are going to die?
I think it might be hallucinations.
I was told these things too but it never happened.
I hope you will be ok.
It’s not easy at all Im sorry to hear that you are currently going through this.

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