I am very lazy to drink water

I know that dehydration will leave your body temperature higher and hence decrease your daily function performance on any task,yet I feel drinking water takes effort and I rather drink cold coffee,cold drinks and if not I rather not drink any water.Anyone who always drink “water” can share your tips and advice on how to drink more?I feel better if I drink more water somehow

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@Gtx1990 , The body is 60% water so over half your body is water. Water is a necessary component of all your body’s cells, organs and systems.

I used to drink nothing but decaf coffee and diet coke. Very little to no water. And I was a mess. I was 208 lbs. Fifty lbs. overweight and obese. My back and neck were killing me from arthritis. It hurt to cough, bend and sneeze. I thought I was on the fast track to a nursing home and I was only 44 years old.

Then, my pdoc told me to stop the diet pop completely and switch to plain water. With or without ice. I chose without. Over the next 18 months, while counting my calories on an app, and doing yoga for a half hour 4 days a week, I watched the pounds just melt off. I went from 208 lbs. to 148 lbs. I gained back 10 lbs. but I’ve stayed at around 158 lbs over the last 6 years and counting. It’s my ideal body weight.

The yoga not only helped with weight loss, it solved my neck and back pain issues too. Let’s just say that for the most part, it’s under control. Meaning I take no medicine for the pain. Not even a Tylenol. Don’t need it.

Today I drink nothing but decaffeinated coffee and water.


I am an avid water drinker, you could always start by taking drinks you like, Idk if it’s Gatorade or juice or even the coffee or whatever and cut those drinks with water, ease yourself into drinking more water every day or every other day even if it’s just a glass or half a glass, you will feel better when you’re properly hydrated.


I drink sparkling water five times a day and sometimes more than that.


I always keep water nearby where I can see it. The less effort for me to get it, the more likely I am to drink it.
It also helps remind me that water is an option.

I’m an overdrinker. I can’t stand having a dry mouth or being thirsty, so I drink a lot throughout the day.


I drink nothing but cranberry apple juice and sodas :weary::weary::weary::sob::sob::sob:


@Gtx1990 I was just thinking the same thing! forget to drink water too! I should force myself or write a note and leave it on the refrigerator or something.

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i drink a full glass of water every morning with my thyroid med and others but the glass of water is for the thyroid…get a sore stomach if I don’t follow the directions…such a drag to have to chug a full glass of water every morning…i drink coffee and diet coke but still manage to drink about two or three more glasses of water a day.

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