Trying to drink more water

I drink maybe two to three cups of coffee a day. I only had one soda today too. but I really want to try to drink more water. so my partner and I made a deal. she would buy more water but no more soda. that’s okay with me. I had a cousin go from over three hundred pounds down to 236 because she cut out soda and started eating smaller meals.

I want to try and lose weight and be healthier. my current weight is 363. I lost 15 pounds just by going down to one soda a day.


Maybe you could add a little juice in there. It would be healthy, and it would help supply your need for fluids.

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yeah I could try that, unfortunately I don’t have any juice at home right now.

Its great you’ve lost weight by cutting down on soda. I used to drink them a lot growing up. Now, I can’t stand em since drinking them less. It’s much easier to make a shift like that when its a group/family decision. We traded off for drinking water more too. Coffee is another issue though.

What kind of juice we talkin? Most of em are loaded with sugar aren’t they?

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Ice cold water with a little fresh lemon or lime is very refreshing. Usually I just drink plain water though.

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Juice is a big no no if you wanna cut calories. Coffee without sugar or with no calorie sweetener will rev up ur metabolism and help you burn fat. I try and replace the bulk of my meals with h20 and it helps me cut calories. Have a big bottle of water before each meal to fill up ur stomach so u will eat less. Drink water chilled or with ice in it, you could burn an extra couple calories from the cold.

What med are you on? If its one of the weight gainers you might wanna try decreasing the dose or changing it, there are a few weight neutral ones out there.

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i drink coffee with no calorie sweetener. i’m drinking about three bottles of water a day. i’m on Haldol and latuda plus others but my pdoc said those meds don’t make people gain weight.

I filter water and put in old coke bottles. We have them here in 600ml plastic bottles. I put like 8 in the fridge and carry 2 in my backpack. The idea is I’m always carrying water with me to try and curb spending and helpful to keep drinking water throughout the day.


I know this thread was about soda, but being as innocuous as possible: the heavier you are the more you will lose weight by walking or running. I used to watch extreme makeover weightloss edition and those people would lose a pound a day without going below 1,500-2,000 calories per day. They did this by running on treadmill only like 1-2 hrs a day.

Also if i do drink soda i drink diet, i drink 5-6 a week. Diet sodas have chemicals tho, so drink at your own expense. U can make iced-tea with stevia, it’s a simple and healthier alternative.

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Drink zero calorie sodas, zero calorie energy drinks. Cut out fast food entirely and go more vegetarian. Low fat dairy. Eat very little inn a day. Load up on fruit and plain cooked veggies. It is a new lifestyle where you don’t love food. It is merely an energy source. I eat for utility not enjoyment. Last year I was 257lbs now I am 210lbs. I had gotten down to 174lbs which is ideal for me. I tell myself I hate food.


It would be healthy if you did.

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Maybe you can have soda only once or twice a week.

I spoke with a body builder once who said he ate what ever he wanted one day a week and the other dys he was more strict and healthy.

I usually buy alkaline water at 15 litres $10 .
I try to drink 1 litre of water a day but usually drink 3-4 mugs of coffee a day which might be to much so i would like to cut back to only 2 mugs/cups.
I would like to drink 1,5 -2 litres as i have read this is what is recommended.

I just started lite n easy.
Been on it a week on 1500 cal.
Just ordered my second week and will be delivered in few days.
I am impressed by them.
They have dieticians and team chefs etc put together meals and they are beeeaaauuutiful meals.
Absolute delight to eat and im so excited about it.
You get daily fruit, snacks,can eat cheese and bacon even.
I order only breakfast and lunch and it is more expensive that putting together your own meals but i hope to afford it cause i absolutely love it and feel so positive about it.
I get daily fruit and snacks are daaarling.
I have found myself talking out loud to myself about “wow” “beeeaaauuutiful” etc
For dinner i only have something small poridge , yoghurt or something.
I wrote them a thank you card congratulating them on their great idea and business and how lovely i think it is.
I know one can eat a lot lot lot cheaper but im loving this and am excited about it plus i dont drink alcohol , smoke etc so hopefully can keep affording it.

Im also on Latuda. Been on it two days now.

I have a water bottle i fill up and drink 2 of them a day and i think they are 5-600 ml.
Its not enough water a day i think though.

A place i went to had cucumber water and this can be delicious.
Just let cucumbers and water stand for few hours and drink. It can be beeeaaauuutiful.:heart:
Some make orange water etc.

Hi cbbrown!! It’s really easy for me to drink more water. I grab a glass, I fill it at the tap, I grab it with one hand and slowly bring it to my mouth. Then I tip it at an angle and empty the contents into my mouth.
This usually works for me but not a 100% of the time.


Water is the best thing in the universe (for humans). So yea go for it. If you can get one, nalgenes are great.

You can over hydrate but you have to drink a decent bit of water. Like over a liter in an hour. Probably more then that.

And limiting the corrosive sugar water is also good too. I use that term as a joke.