I don't drink water, just coffee

Hbu? I don’t really care if it’s not healthy.

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I made also coffee just a minute ago, but my coffee has 99% water and the rest is coffee. :smiley:

WTF? I drink 3 cups a day

Drinking just coffee - and no water, is not healthy at all - its bad for your kidneys and other organs, please reconsider


I drink caffeine drinks a lot also,maybe a cup of water a day…

My point here was that although you just drink coffee it consists 99 % of water and so you drink water at the same time. I have not yet known anybody who eats coffee, although I still remember those caffeine pills during my studies back in the 1980s. I also had some Soviet vitamin C pills that I ate almost as candies. Vitamin C is said to increase intelligence.

A fresh day… Coffee and orange juice here I come…

Gotta balance it water…

Would not be without cup of tea in the morning

I used to be the same way
Making pot by pot
know I drink
1 iced mocha
some prune juice for regularity
and lots and lots of tea

400mg is the limit of caffeine intake a day at least that is what healthcare recommends drinking decaf all day I presume won’t cause you too much insomnia.

Caffeine exacerbates symptoms. I would not recommend caffeine for any SZ. You’re sabotaging your medication and harming yourself.

you need to drink water…if you don’t like the taste of water…add lemon, mint leaves…
and there are some healthier cordials e.g barley cordial that you can add to water.
take care :alien:

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You need to mix it up Kellie , can’t be good over a sustained period , caffeine without sufficient fluid replinehment , is going to draw water from your body , leaving you dehydrated.

And as someone has said it can cause symptoms in itself , or reduce the positive effects of your meds

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I don’t drink water either; although, I know I “should.” I am not necessarily likeable to the word; “should.” I drink a lot of diet soda, chocolate milk, and lemonade. Sometimes, I drink orange juice and mix it with ginger ale or 7up. I got that out of an old children’s cookbook. I know I am terrible; but, this is all I crave thirstwise.

Having issues with tachycardia. Caffeine is off the menu. I also had to give up smoking herbal fake tobacco this month as per doctor’s orders. Only had that a couple of times per month, but still… Cleaning up my diet. Pretty sure I’ll be down to eating cardboard shred soon. Phooey.

Sorry to be a downer.



coffee is only good black
i try not to drink it but when i do i its when i need to get work done, usually its when i pull all nighters and have to up the next morning
energy drinks stopped working for me a long time ago