Gonna start drinking more water

I usually drink coffee and Diet Coke. Need some caffeine free fluids


i use decaf tea and i have a jug of water next to me ready to be poured as well, i’m going to get some strawberry and chocolate milk again some time bc its delish lol


Is decaf tea nice? Does it taste the same?

My doctor clued me in. Stopping smoking was not only about nicotine but also about sucking and handing the cigarettes and lighter.

When I quit smoking, I had straws and cinnamon sticks and little snacks at my finger tips.

According to some member of a 12 Step Program, “God allows three homicides in the first three months after stopping nicotine.” In my case, I nearly got divorced.


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And very high calorie. Be prepared to gain some weight.

So, that explains my ex lover’s behavior towards me!

Emotionality often follows folks just free from nicotine.

@Jimbob decaf tastes just the same to me tbh