Whenever i am messaging people they take forever to respond

i think its because I usually end up saying too much or saying something weird and than they dont respond for a really long time i wish people wanted to talk to me as much as i did with them because i respond to stuff almost instantly it seems like other people will be like okay ill give this a couple hours before i respond to this message it really makes me feel like crap i have to find other things to do when i think i am bout to have a conversation

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I think I may just be impatient when I am waiting for someone to say something I expect them to respond in less than 10 minutes but it ends up being like an hour

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A lot of folks here have a difficult time reading longer messages, because of concentration issues. And many also have social anxiety, which makes them edit their message five or six times before they send it. I have learned to be very patient when waiting for a response.


Sounds like you’d be more happy in a chat room where you get instant response.
If others are anything like me, I keep my iPad handy throughout the day, but depending on what’s going on, it could take hours in between me posting.

Don’t allow your thinking to go off course thinking it’s got to be you that keeps people from responding sooner,it’s probably more about the time they have available rather than you personally.

Learn to post, and let it go, find other things to occupy your time in between messages. Think about the past when people wrote by snail mail and it took a week or so between letters.

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I was just talking about in general, not people on here, everybody that I have talked to on here usually replies pretty quick this probably sounded misleading but I am just talking about something that has been bugging me I am talking to a friend rn and they taking the longest to respond to me

yeah depends. some people respond very late for some personal reasons too. Just do your thing and when you get a response, continue the chat ?

Yeah me too. 151515

I sometimes take 1 or 2 days to respond private messages due avolition :sweat_smile::roll_eyes: