More relationship advice needed lol

So I’ve been seeing this guy for a couple weeks. We have been talking daily. I sent him a message last night asking when he wanted to hang out next and he didn’t respond. So I thought he might have just not seen it so I sent him a snapchat asking if he wanted to hang out again on Monday because that is a day we both have off. He opens the snapchat and doesnt respond. He responds an hour later and says sorry he’s not ignoring me he is just really busy. Then all day he views my stories online but doesn’t have the time to message me? I feel like he is trying to ghost me like the last guy I dated who I had to drunk call to get him to officially dump me. Sorry if I come off as insecure but the men I meet tend to be awful.

Sounds like a pretty big red flag. If he dosent have the time for you dont bother.


I dislike people in general that are too busy to not respond you with something whenever they see the message, or people that constantly forget to respond.
If in your conversations you don´t feel like he´s caring about what you think, I dislike aswell.

Relationships are hard for any man or woman.

That’s why I stick to sheep.

He might really be busy and just peeking in time to time. When I am at working peek in here sometimes but can’t really talk.


That’s realistic. He is a waiter and I could see how that is happening. I just wish he would send me a quick yes or no text.

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Maybe he needs to think about things before answering.

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It’s hard to know, he really could be busy but I would say if this continues to be a pattern maybe it is a red flag. It’s nice he reached out to say he‘s not ignoring you just busy and I take that as a hopeful sign, but you really never know with people so I’d just be aware and continue to be present as you can.

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The thing about is,we don’t know how many messages you are sending him. He could be overwhelmed if you’re sending a lot. And some people aren’t into answering right away, anyway.

Just relax and text him the same way he texts you. Just answer and wait for him to reply. Rinse, repeat. Trying to push someone to move faster is a good w as y to get them to just ignore you and run.

I texted him twice over the course of two days

If you want to alleviate your insecurities, try to set up a time when he can respond. Mr. Star was very busy when I first met him, and he would say, “I will be busy until Friday. I will call you Friday.” And I didn’t want to wait that long, but he always stuck to his word and messaged/called when he said he would. If he assured you he wasn’t ignoring you, to me that means he isn’t planning to ghost. People don’t always have meaningful responses off the top of their head. If I wanted to talk to someone I liked, I would want to wait until I had the time and mental energy to be witty, engaging, and flirtatious.

The thing is you can see on snapchat if someone is talking to other people. He has sent over 40 snapchats today and only sent me one to say he was busy

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Then maybe you need to move on.


Yeah man, dating is tough these days. I have a hard time keeping friends, let alone dating.

Maybe just don’t message him for a few days and see if he comes through.

And if he doesn’t, time to move on.

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