I am so unhappy and angry


I just am today. have my reasons but this time it ain’t being shoved under the rug. while not throwing fits I am letting my mom know I am angry.

I want my freedom and independence, even from her. I am not sure I can afford moving out but I wish I could try it anyways. it isn’t certain I’d make it financially out there even though I have a job.

this world is so hostile I need my own place to unwind by myself and do my own thing.



i am sending you a piece of my rainbow, filled with happiness and positivety. i hope you are having a better day.
take care


the worst time to make a decision is when you are feeling mentally and physically rotten…give yourself some time…this is not a decision to be made quickly…j am sending you blessings and hugs… and a song to brighten your day…


You forgot the rainbow!! j/k… You meant this one…


wow, that is beautiful.
take care


**It is not easy on your own for anyone.
My son is like you-wanting his own space. He does-but he needs financial support too. Maybe your mom can help with finding a place. She is probably worried for you. I would just have a talk with her about it. possibly a place nearby where she could help when needed. It sounds like you are ready-but take your time. Hope you find a nice place. **


Good luck,nv try moving out on my own,I always stay with my parent and work for them,it would be a ok idea if I were to live alone…but I would probably be lazy without my family


Hi Judy,
Sorry you’re feeling so angry when you have no outlets or private space to unwind. There is nothing sweeter in life than to have a space you can call your own and know it is yours to behave however you need to. Where ever you can find a corner or safe haven to call your own, I hope something comes your way soon so you can begin the wind-down process.
keep your eyes and ears open to whatever possibility comes your way.


I’ve been on my own since before and after the disorder. It’s not easy, but I agree, without privacy or the ability to be alone, I’d have significant problems. Keep socially conscientious, if you do do it. Meaning other people are also as confused (sometimes) in this weird world. Music is really awesome and helpful.


absolutely gorgeous rainbow. thanks for sharing, lunaseer.



Well, if you had the money, what’s stopping you from moving out? But yes it’s true that you can’t do it if you can’t afford it. Unless you find a great deal on an apartment somewhere, somehow. I moved out of mental health housing in 1995. For the next ten years I rented rooms in peoples houses. In 2009 i moved into my current studio apartment.Yes, it’s nice having my space to myself, eating what I want, going out whenever and wherever I want. But bridget is right; it’s hard. It’s responsibility. Paying bills, keeping my place clean, getting along with neighbors, making and keeping appointments. You have to motivate you yourself to take care of yourself. I have to get myself up for work, I have to commute on the freeway. I have force myself to go out on my days off. But you might like renting a room in someones house. Once I lived with a nice family, once I lived in a house with 7 other people, once I rented a room from some older guy. Each situation had it’s own special problems and challenges. But I was on my own, I had run of the house, and the whole reason I liked renting rooms was that the people I rented from were like built in friends! Because my BIGGEST worry was that I would get suicidal by myself so I figured if someone else was in the house I would be OK. But I could go in my room and be left alone, but if I desired company I would wander out and watch TV with my housemates.


interesting, nick. you are lucky you could handle all those situations. sounds like you did well at them. I am trying to make this situation work living with my mom at my age. I too am afraid I would be isolated if I were alone, however, it all sounds delicious – all that freedom and space to yourself.